Monday, January 4, 2016


Today Johnny and William would take turns grabbing Matthew's fist and saying "You gonna hit me!?" of "Ooo gon it meh?" They would make his fist hit them and they would say: "Punch! Owwww!" and fall to the ground.
They would fall in the weirdest formations and laugh like it was the funniest joke.

The pictures are ultra blurry, but you get the idea- haha.
It was great fun until William decided to punch back! 
Baby wasn't having so much fun then.
Then Johnny and William had punching battles they do this all the time and they punch like they are jousting and someone always ends up in tears.
I love the way William talks when he is in a punching mood,
 "I punch choo!" "I punch baaaguy!" (bad guy, obvs)
Boys are too much fun.

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