Friday, January 22, 2016

Johnny turns FIVE!

Five. Johnny-five as he is often called, is actually five years old. I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday, he was a two week old kickin' it with me in at five in the morning while I studied. Even as a baby he had that eager twinkle in his eye and his personality has been a delight to watch as it has blossomed into this sweet, fun, energetic, imaginative young boy! 
Oh, am I glad I get to be in his life! We had a great time celebrating that boy. He decided to celebrate his birthday the day after so that I could be home all day (on his birthday I had school), I must admit- I was flattered, haha. Johnny is such a mama's boy and I really do love it. 

Well, as you are well aware: this little boy of mine is obsessed with bats, soooo what other theme could possibly be suitable?? 

Here is my attempt at trying to be creative with his cake...those pretzels and oreos are supposed to be bats, and you can't tell but the sprinkles are also bats!

This one is less blurry...

I had fun decorating his table!

I also loved how these bat balloons turned out!

The day before I went to the dye-cutter on campus and cut out 130 bats. Johnny woke up on his big day and was so freaked out by all of them he would just close his eyes every time he went into the kitchen, haha.
For breakfast we had waffles AND pancakes, per Johnny's request, I had the pancake be the body adn the waffles be the wings, it turned out cute.

For snacks, I made bat pudding cups and cut out bat shapes from chocolate poptarts, then I through some veggies on there so I wouldn't feel so guilty. (The veggies ended up on the floor) (We need a dog or something.)

For games, we played pin the fangs on the bat and "Don't Eat Pete!" (a bat version I tried to make look all cute, but really just didn't look cute at all, haha)

More pictures of the kitchen...

He was SO excited for his transformer!

So was William...
This is probably a good place to mention that for Johnny's birthdays, we are required to wear our pajamas for the party. Ever since his third birthday. Like literally- as soon as Dad walked through the door, "Dad! Go get your pajamas on! It's my birthday!" Knowing this was a rule, I got Johnny Batman footie pajamas, he loves does William...

I should also mention John got his first paycheck this day! Yay! 

Matthew enjoyed the excitement of everything

I think John likes Johnny birthdays the most because the toys are so much fun.

Rebecca adn Tyler came over for the party!

They get married in April...don't they look good with kids? (#morecousinsplease)
They (and Melissa) got him nerf guns, Johnny and Melissa played non-stop through out the night, he loved them!

Singing "Happy Birthday."

The next day, Johnny had a good time introducing his new toys to his old ones. 
Well, that is basically it.
Birthdays are an awesome tradition, it is so nice to pause and focus in that one important person for a day, and Johnny is such a special person in my life. 
He's my jokester, my cuddler, my rockstar big brother, my good-morning-hug giver, my daring adventurer, my eager learner, my puzzle boy, my clean-under-the-bed boy and just my all around I'm lucky to have him boy....Happy Birthday Johnny-Five!

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Ellen said...

It cracks me up that Johnny has everyone wear pajamas on his birthday. What a funny guy! Life is Good :)

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