Monday, January 11, 2016

Just little stuff

Things on my mind today:
  • Snow. Gosh it's pretty. I have always had hard feelings towards January. Those have especially peaked upon moving back to Rexburg- there have been a few days where the high was three degrees people! Man, it's cold. Not to mention, there aren't any festive holidays in the month of January and that is just a terribly sad thing in my book. That said: I am trying! So, every day I look out my window and think, "Goodness look how pretty the snow is. I'm going to miss this view this summer. No I won't. Stop contradicting yourself and pretend so you appreciate it more now." Then I start listing all the great things about the middle of winter: "Hot cocoa..." Sometimes I will walk through the park so I can feel the quietness of the snow, it is so peaceful. But then my toes freeze, and the moment is over. BUT, Today we had the really pretty big flakes that have intricate designs when they land on you kind of snow. It was magical. Still iffy about the month of January, still have a bit of the winter blues, but goodness- that was pretty snow today.
  • I washed my car. It is looks brand new! Not really, it really just looks white now instead of brown. I am sure it will last for at least a day with the slushie roads.  We have the coolest car wash with the weirdest sponges and brushes that come at you like they are going to gobble the car up. Johnny and I had a lot of fun with that. William:not so much.
  • When I was pregnant with William I got my first gray hairs and I swear I get new one every morning that boy wakes up. He keeps me on my toes!  Today he was pretty sweet. As I was doing homework, he sat on my lap and said, "No, day wit mamo." (No, stay with mommy.) He melts my heart. Especially when his face is clean. And his arm stays in his shirt.
  • Caity didn't go to her after school program today and it was so nice! I was on the giddy side around 1:30pm knowing I would see her in an hour and it really was the highlight of my day knowing she would have the entire afternoon with us. I just love that girl. I also love that she wanted to be home because she missed us, we missed her too!  Her and Johnny walked the long way through the field in front of her school so they could walk in the snow, and I met them on the other side. Oh to be a kid again. The were so cute stumbling through the snow drifts. 
  • I burned the roast in the crockpot- is that even possible? Apparently so.
  • I don't know that I can last to the BAR exam this February. I miss John. The days are long, but really not until five o clock. After five, I guess I feel entitled to his time, and feel like he should be home and I just miss him even more. Do I sound selfish or what? Not to mention I have no idea what happens to my children after five- but they transform into something a leeettle scary. I don't know how he does it, but I am so impressed with how hard he is working.
  • You guys. I graduate in THREE MONTHS. Oh, goodness. I hope I can make it!
In other news, the kids' toys united in a battle against William's Elmo.
Elmo won.

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shaylee jensen said...

I LOVE them! Cute Will. I'm so glad you were able to get more Caity-time. Love that girl! And Johnny 5 and MATTHEW TOO! Cute post Mary.

PS. THREE MONTHS! you can do it!

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