Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I can't believe Matthew is one week short of 6 months. SIX MONTHS OLD? Where did the time go? I realized this morning I don't take as much time as I would like to focus solely on that baby of mine so here are some little things about Matthew:

  • He is starting to sit up
  • He loses his mind every time we are eating dinner. As soon as a bit gets in is proximity he is like the whomping willow from Harry Potter trying to grab that food and put it in his mouth.
  • He clings to every toy that is in range, he gets all excited and jerky when he sees you bring one to him.  I feel like he likes rattles more than any of my other kids. His motor skills seems to be developing better. (Maybe because Caity works with him?)
  • He still loves his swing, especially when Caity is home. He will just swing back and forth watching her flit around her room. 
  • Whenever anyone enters the room he gets so excited. He recognizes voices and when he hears one of us after not hearing us for a while he gets the cutest smile and just stares. Yesterday it was at William and it was so cute. I told William to say "Hi baby!" and when he did, Matthew started kicking his legs and laughing.
  • He loves squash, but not carrots so far.
  • His clothing size ranges from 6 month to 18 months. I trust 9 month and 12 month sizes the most though.
  • He still cuddles sometimes, but the mood has to be right.
  • He is exteremely ticklish and is the easiest baby to get laughing.
  • Caity swears he says "dada" but I'm just assuming he is mis pronouncing "Mama is awesome."
  • He does not like being alone. He will sit content so long as he is in the same room as everyone and part of the action. The moment you are out of eye sight he will wimper, but light up as soon as he sees you again.
  • He likes the cold and if he is in distress, he will calm immediately upon entering our negative degree temperature outside.
  • He loves baths, particularly kicking in the bath. As soon as I start undressing him, he will get so excited, grab his toes and laugh with a crazy excited look in his eyes.
I love that Mattie-boy


Ellen said...

What a fun guy! Loved the laughing video! Where have the past (almost) six months gone??! Life is Good :)

shaylee jensen said...

That video just melts my heart. I love that little man. And next time you give him carrots, take a picture (:

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