Monday, February 29, 2016

As Today Comes to a Close...

  • Sometimes people ask me what I've done all day and I have absolutely no idea how to answer, I know I'm busy- but it is hard to figure out what made it so. Today was not one of those days. Today I cleaned. ALL. DAY. LONG.  It was needed, it was therapudic, it was tiring, it was frustrating, it was refreshing, it was humbling, it was uplifting.  My house is now clean. Tomorrow by 9:00 am, it won't be. 
  • John called me on the phone and while he was trying to tell me our car's head gasket was going out and discuss options, I had Matthew screaming bloody murder because I wasn't getting mashed up squash in his mouth fast enough, I had William pulling my hair and punching me (and when I'd mouth, "No hitting." he would grimace, flex, and mouth back, "I hulk!") Johnny was at the kitchen table trying to put together a puzzle- well, four puzzles-  he mixes them all together to challenge himself, haha...anyway, puzzle boy kept sporadically hollering, "I'm trying to concert-ate, please be silent!" Caity, bless her heart was doing her own puzzles in her room...with Taylor Swift playing loudly despite her mother's constant nagging to "turn Taylor down." I am pretty sure I asked John five times how far away he was from home within those ten minutes.
  • Family dinner was a semi-success (AKA- everybody actually ate their food), and Family Night was sooooo much easier with John home. He has had late nights studying and it was nice having him there with us! William insisted on helping everyone in their "jobs", with his shirt half off and pulled over his head.  Through out scripture reading he would rock climb up my back, while Matthew crawled back and forth over my legs squawking and snorting.  Caity thinks it is the funniest joke to skip a verse and she will do so almost every time, and John and I look at eachother all annoyed and tell her it isn't funny anymore, but she doesn't let us get her down and she giggles her way through the correct verse. And then there is Johnny, who happens to bein his own world and when it is his turn to copy back what John and I read, he gets it all muddled in the most sincere way ("And it came to pass..." "...And I went to dash"),  allwhile he hangs upside down from the couch. 
  • No matter how rough the day feels there are always little moments that bring it all full circle and find me in a very happy place. We were talking about compassion at Family Night and as I was looking at the three oldest, my heart was just so full in the cheesiest-everyone-will-probably-skim-over-this-way. Each of their eyes were concentrating in their own individual way as they huddled together on one and a half couch cushions. They are so small, yet so powerful. Children are a gift.  Today was kind of hard, but it was mostly good. I feel grateful to be loved by John and to be able to love those crazy kids. Would I do today again? Nope. But you better believe I am excited for tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Day in the Life: 2-17-16

I don't know why these went in backwards order, was snippets of my day:
Caity tucking Johnny into bed.

He crashed out before I could even push play and slept through the vaccum.

Living here means snow boots always by the door!

 Dance party.

I love that William brings his toys into the kitchen to play by me.

Johnny and Caity were having "Gladiator Style" fights between their toy animals, this was Caity's line up.

All the kids playing.

William would pick out the marshmellows and pass the chocolate puffs off to a very grateful Matthew

I Matthew's face waiting for his next bite!

Reading books has always been a favorite thing to do with my kids. I think it always will be!

I know, these are practically the same, but I like William reminding me to get bananas in the first, and Matthew's cheeks in the second.

Kids and fish tanks. Seriously.

He always insists on opening every door himself.


Vday flowers from John! The smell sooooo good!

Getting comfy to watch Ninja Turtles.

Johnny has always been great at puzzles. When he was two I bought him a bundle I found at a thrift store and he would spend hours playing with them.

Practicing cursive and "To JCB from CEB"

Above Cate's desk.

Sleeping baby.

Cheese obsessed.


Even Batman needs a snack!

I was talking to my mom on the phone and didn't even realize these two were running around outside in their dinosaur and elmo slippers in 30 degree weather! Oh those boys. (Parenting fail!)

Caity stayed home sick today, most of the day was spent reading American Girl books. Oh my gosh, I love this phase she is in!

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