Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy List and Baby Book Clubs

Things that make me happy:
Long walks without meltdowns.
Girl Scout Cookies.
Conquering the urge to buy those dang cookies.
Realizing that because of Christ, I am never alone.
Spending time with my sister.
My nieces and nephews.
How good I feel when I straighten my hair.
William hugging my leg.
Brisk, morning air.
Finding a "new" scripture that I swear I had never read before.
Understanding what I am learning.
Hearing John say he's on his way home.
Creamy Chicken Soup.
Homemade cookies.
Seeing the Jensens on campus.
Thursday afternoons.
When my phone vibrates because I met my "steps walked" goal.
Pretty kitchens. Pretty houses.
A clean house.
A good book when you are about 2/3 the way through. 
Finding someone who shares a favorite book.
Talking to John.
Looking back on my life the last almost-decade and realizing how far we have come together.
Eden came over for a play date, and her and Matthew got all sophisticated and had a book discussion.

This girl was so cute with the books and kept hitting different parts of the picture and telling Matthew all about it.

Cousins are fun, I wish all the rest of them weren't so spread out! 

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