Friday, March 4, 2016

Hibernation is Coming to a Close

Yesterday, I got home from school and did NOT want to make dinner. John was coming home late and I knew the only way to solve starving, hangry children was infact, dinner. AND the only way dinner would be made was for ME to make dinner. Soooo, I set about it and wondered how the rest of the world does dinner.
It is warming up over here in eastern Idaho, and it feels like our entire countenances have revved up by the added sunshine.  Yesterday while I was making dinner, the kids were outside playing and as I was listening to their laughs and echos from inside, it wasn't so hard making dinner after all. Funny how much your attitude effects those things! Winter was great, but I am feeling quite welcoming to Spring.
I feel like this winter was the sickest our family has ever been. It was like everyone would take turns and right when we get a week of good health...Matthew and William make their morning entrance with runny noses. IT DOESN'T END, PEOPLE! 
Whew, how nice it is to be able to open windows for fresh air though!
Have a happy weekend!

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