Thursday, March 3, 2016

Left Behind

Tonight I left my all my very favorite people behind to go study at the library. 
"One month..." I kept telling myself the whole way month and I am d o n e. 
I know I'm going to miss it. School is great because it does all the "pushing" for don't have to discover new ways to challenge your mind, your classes perform that function.
That said...right now, I am tired.
I need to open my text book and learn about "Family Systems Theory." In my family theories course, we have been studying different theories on a weekly basis. What started out as fascinating is getting exhausting...I know Family Systems is well liked but I feel burnt out learning theory after theory...after theory...after theory. I know I'm kind of lying here, I know as soon as I finish my reading, I will spend the next week explaining to John all about life through this new (to me) lens and he look at me like, "Here we go again," but also like he loves me anyway, and he'll humor me, and tell me I'm so smart, because I just got lucky, I guess.
I miss being home. I want to be home right now. But I have to finish this.
When I'm done, I'll be able to tell my kids I did it. We did it. 
One more month.
But tonight, one more theory.

That was last night...this is what I left behind this morning:

It's something worth getting back home to. 
Every morning, William comes to our bed and says, "I take (breath) nap!" 
When I tell him Hannah is coming over babysit, he says "Hallah (breath) make ban-cake! And duice!" 
Also, Johnny is still wearing his superman shirt. 
Also, I love that it takes two kids to carry Matthew around. Caity: I'll grab his bum because that is the heaviest. (haha)
Also, again, William somehow moved from the door to the bed while we were away...he is almost crawling, but more just squirming/rolling/kicking himself around. Sometimes I think he loses circulation in some of his rolls, haha. 

Also, yesterday I found some drafts that I finally finished and published if anyone is interested:


The Hildreths said...

You are AMAZING! I can't believe you are so close to being done! So excited for you. These pictures are adorable by the way.

Ellen said...

Only ONE month! Keep it up! Life is Good :)

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