Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Morning

Monday morning looked Like:
"Can that really be the alarm? It's still dark outside, my clock only says 5:30am." Daylight Savings. Gets me every time. 
William running full speed into our room with crazy hair and sleepy eyes, "NONNY! I AWAKE!"
There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Chick and Totally Uncool, Mom while I was sandwiched between two boys on my bed.
Caity's purple plaid dress and leggings laid out on her floor with perfect precision.
A snorting baby eating oranges, green beans and cheerios.
Warm oatmeal, cold toes. 
"Two braids into one? That's what I was hoping for, Mom!"
Two loads of weekend laundry.
Walking, no, running to Caity's school through the construction zone and talking about FHE lesson plans. A really REALLY great good-bye hug from Caity.
Coming home and starting the dishwasher, turning off the TV, and telling those boys to go play something.
Lego houses for cars.
Kind of crawling, kind of flopping forward.
Getting mad at little brothers for messing up everything.
9:00am brownies because hello, it is Monday afterall.
A nice text that made me smile.
More trying to crawl. lots of squeals. (Think coyote in distress...what? Your husband doesn't have that app on his phone? Hmmm, odd.)
Monster Match Game.
Switch Laundry
Emails from John.
Disney I spy. More Cuddles.
More Brownies.
Dance Party to "Music Around the World."
Ninja Turtle Puzzles.
Finally getting Matthew to fall asleep.
Naked bums running up and down my hallway.

Grabbing my leg and pulling me to make him a bagel with cream cheese.

(I love how William copies Johnny, haha)

Today I thought, "Wow, what a great day it has been so far!" Really, nothing had changed but my focus had and it made all the difference. Today as I tried to look outward, I found a more peaceful feeling inward. Mondays aren't always so bad, I suppose. 
Here's some pictures from the weekend:

Coloring after church.

Matthew fell asleep on the job again.

John was on the phone with Brittany...anyone who knows those two knows how exhausting it is to listen to their conversations, they were comparing who had better taste in books and something about graduation...I don't know, I zone out and wonder: 1) What happened to my sweet husband as he relentlessly teases his sister. 2) Why Brit hasn't hung up yet. I know it's like their secret sibling love language or something...but yeah, it was picture worthy, haha.

My brother Matt came to visit! 

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