Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One Prayer at a Time

This morning I knelt by my bed and prayed. I know, I know, I need to do that every morning...but sometimes before I know it, it's three in the afternoon and it just hasn't happened yet. In seminary, Sister Goodrich taught us to always have a prayer in our heart, and heaven knows I try to do that...but not often enough do I find myself on my knees in delibrite prayer to God. 
I heard little footsteps come in my room, stop and turn back around, and soon after when I walked down the hall, I saw Johnny praying in his room and Caity praying in hers.
It struck me like a profound back of bricks, my actions do speak loudly to those kids.
I can't even tell you how different my day was, immediately I didn't recognize the cause, but I know as I look over my day, it was touched by God. My heart was softened, my ears heard His whisperings and my eyes saw the tender mercies of the Lord. 
Prayer is an amazing thing.
What a great gift we have to be able to communicate to our Father in Heaven!
On the last leg of our daily back-and-forth-walking exhibitions, our little group "hit a wall." 
The wind was blowing SO hard, we were all freezing, 3/5 of us were injured and we were just so ready to get home. Blankets were blowing and I was chasing, kids that weren't screaming were whining, none of us could feel our fingertips and the house was still about a half mile away. 
Ahead of us, I saw Caity pull into a little cove between buildings, I assumed to get a break from the wind. I caught sight of her just in time to see that 7 year old girl hop up from her knees, square her shoulders and with her chin up, she grabbed her bike and started encouraging Johnny.  She snuck into that cove to say a secret prayer for our family. Her faith strengthened me. 
I know this scene seems so theatrical, and big deal, it was a walk in the cold- but you had to be there, it was hard- and really, I felt for that last leg we were ministered to by heaven because of Caity's prayer. 
Bless her sincere faithful heart.

When we got home, it was amazing the peace that I felt watching all my kids help eachother and play together- I mean seriously, it was nothing short of a miracle. I watched Caity and Johnny put their own needs and complaints aside to help me calm down the younger two. Johnny shared the cookies he made in preschool and Caity (who was starving since school) didn't talk once about a snack until everyone else was taken care of.

I know this seems so cheesy and insignificant, but today was a reminder that God is in the details and if we look we can see His hand.

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Ellen said...

Love this! It could be the hormones, but I almost teared up reading your sweet little tender mercies! Life is Good :)

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