Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Packin' Dem Cheeks and Stackin' Dem Blocks

 There are few things I enjoy  more than eating....babies are one of those things, so maybe that contributes to my obsession with watching babies eat.  It is just so cute! The chunky risks, the clumsy fine motor skills, the excitement and engaging conversation...I just love it.
Matthew basically hates baby food, I think it is too liquid-y for him, if I add green beans to puried squash, he seems to like that, basically I think he needs to feel that he's actually eating something. I don't think he'll be much of a "soup person." Not to mention, he likes feeding himself over being fed.
So, excuse the loooong video, but I just couldn't bring myself to cut it down because I find every second so darn entertaining from the urgent grasps at an orange slice (despite having seriously three already packed in his cheeks), to imitating my words, to the little giggles and snorts at the end. His mom can't get enough of this video.

However, I recognize, not all of you are his here is the reader's digest version:

Did I mention, this boy SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!? Hallelujah!
Bless him. And please let it be a new "thing"...not counting on it, haha.

After we scrubbed those sticky arms and cheeks, we headed over to play blocks in Caity's room with the boys. (Yeah, we need to clean up our mess before she gets home or else we'll be in big trouble, haha)
Also, can I just point out Superman shirt is going on day 7!? I have him change when we go into public so people at least think I don't let my kids wear the same dirty clothes every day, but as soon as we get home, off goes the polo shirt, on goes Superman.
Johnny was pretty proud of this tower.

I love watching these three!

Matthew is obsessed with William. William has been into coloring lately and is getting better at recognizing "lines" on the coloring page. He is so methodical and still while he colors and it gives me a chance just to watch and enjoy him.

Matthew's reaction when William left the room. It stopped as soon as he came back!

And seriously: this concentration face? 

And later, they moved on to legos.

So I was trying to get Johnny to show us around the house he made out Then I tried to get him to describe the special powers his shirt has...also fail. However, I love watching Matthew squirm around!

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