Thursday, March 24, 2016

St. Patty's Day

I read a facebook post the other day about how St. Patrick's Day isn't as simple as it used to be, so I feel like I should start this post out by saying: this is exactly what St. Patrick's Day used to be for me a little girl! And I loved it. And I have loved carrying the tradition on with my family. It is completely doable and fun. 
I love every excuse to celebrate anything.  You know that. haha.
Some people do more and that is great, some do less and that is great too.
BUT I am going to take a minute to talk about our day!
At our house, the leprechaun comes in the night and we can see his foot prints leading from the door to the table and after he does a jig on our table, he leaves a bag of gold (or green) goodies at each person's place. This year he also left some Lucky Charms because he must have known I wasn't feeling green pancakes that morning. :)  William and Johnny danced along the foot prints and thought it was so cool.
We made a green smoothie (spinach, milk, canned peaches and bananas) and John started telling the kids some story that tied into Black Pete from Christmas some how...I don't know...but he sure got the kids worked up.
That tricky leprechaun, sneakin in our house!
I am hitting myself for not getting a picture of it, but Caity (unbeknownst to me) made a trap from a toilet paper roll cut on the outside like a ladder and colored green, with a note taped that said, "Caity's secret place for green things and gold!" I'm surprised she didn't catch a leprechaun- what an awesome trap, am I right?

The table.

Our centerpiece!
Those candies lasted about ten seconds. Caity ate one, Johnny ate one. William ate the rest.
I'm sure he was a bundle of energy by the time Hannah showed up to babysit!

St. Patrick's Day is Hannah's birthday, so we had a little celebration for her with green cupcakes and everything! We just love her!

At school some leprechauns came and played a trick on her class during recess, and left treats for all the students.  It was so funny hearing all about her and her classmates trying to get the bottom of it all. I love this age she is in.

For dinner, we had spinich fettecine with a green basil sauce, grapes, green beans, green rolls, salad and green jello because apparently green jello is what Mormons do best, I hear. 

It was a fun day and a great way to lift our spirits while it was cloudy, windy, and cold outside!

(Also, I can't help but think about this holiday and flashback to when I was younger and my brother David and I snuck in a marathon on TV of the (edited) horror film, "Leprechaun." I never viewed the holiday exactly the same again, nor will I ever overcome my fear of pogo sticks.)

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