Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Strawberry Wars

We work out!
I basically love when Caity's gets home from school because she knows how to keep the boys busy and entertained in ways outside of my personal abilities and comprehension.  Yesterday while I was making dinner, there was jumping jacks, crunches, and hallway sprints...much to my neighbors' delight, I'm sure! (Yes, he is still wearing the Superman shirt.)
Last night during dinner, it took about ten minutes trying to manipulate William to eat his salad to finally settle on "just the croutons" smothered in dressing. Baby steps. After I got up to wash dishes, Johnny apparently took a bit out Caity's strawberry that "she was saving until the very end" because it was "the only part of the whole dinner that was actually going to taste good." I turned around from the sink and gave Johnny the best mom face I could muster. He said he was sorry to Caity, however; when I turned back around to do dishes, he turned to Caity  and said smugly,  "Just kidding, I'm not sorry at all." I turned back to face him and that mischevious grin, and gave him a good talking-to which provoked and even more sincere apology complete with a pout lip and puppy eyes. Satisfied, I went back to work on the dishes, when I heard whispered behind my back "Just kidding again, not sorry at all... hahaha!" I whipped around to catch him snatching her strawberry again!
Brothers are the worst sometimes, Caity got more strawberries,  and Johnny finished the dishes.
And we all lived happily ever after....until William woke Johnny up this morning via foam sword. :)

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