Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Stuff

It seems like the first warm(ish) Saturday of year, John is always stuck working on some car project, and this year was no different. 
He was fixing the head gasket on our Toyota that I call "Tumble Weed" because of the transformers logo on its trunk and tumble weed kind of sounds like Bumble Bee and I feel I am the most creative person in the world when I think about it...the name has yet to catch on though, haha. Anyway, I am grateful for John and the sacrifices he makes watching countless youtube videos learning how to do this stuff. THEN, getting covered in oil and grease and mud and ice and blood all while trying to get the job done with sub-par tools. He is amazing.

While Dad was busy, the boys set to work as collecting rocks. (Yes Johnny is STILL wearing that Superman shirt...) It was all fun and games until I heard Johnny exclaim to William: "Now let's throw them at that white truck!" (Insert: Mom intervention here.)

We went to the park and enjoyed the sunshine. When I was taking this picture, Johnny whispered, "I'm really freaking out here!" and when he jumped down he sang, "Turtles in a half shell, turtle power!"

Matthew kept cozy and warm for the most part watching from the car seat. I loved seeing his little head pop up and he kept waiting to get a glimpse of his brothers.

Johnny wanted to see if his baby brother liked the swings.

HE DID! Babies and swings are the absolute best.

William could seriously swing for hours at a time.

The boys went up and down slide about fifty times, crawling over eachother, pushing each other, laughing and saying "Wow look at me!" the whole time.

Saturday night, we watched "The Good Dinosaur," my dad sent it to us.  Caity has been working hard at her school reading program to earn enough personal pizza certificates from Pizza Hut for her and her brothers, so we cashed those in and had a great time! Johnny was so excited to be like Kevin from Home Alone and have a whole cheese pizza to himself.  Please note all Caity's dolls lined up to watch the movie. :)

The kids went on a bike ride with John around the park, I was going to to go, but my tire was flat. Johnny was sorely disappointed with me!

William loves riding on the back of John's bike, He kept looking back at me while they road off and giving me a thumbs up sign, haha. What fun those kids are!

We went on a couple drives house dreaming and also had Shaylee, Kevin and Eden over for dinner on Sunday, it was a great weekend with a promising summer ahead!

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