Wednesday, September 16, 2015

William Bradley Turns TWO!

Mr. Wills, Master William, Will the Pill, Willy-Boy...We love our William Bradley.
William's birthday fell right before our move to Rexburg, it was so nice to take a break and just enjoy that little boy of ours! 
I love that he just knew it was his special day and he was particularly happy and excited the whole day.

His smile just melts my heart. His favorite color is red (maybe because of his red blankteria?) His Mamaw Brassell got him an Elmo as an early birthday present that he would take eeeeevvveeeryyywheeerree with him. So, it seemed only natural to give him an Elmo cake! He was so excited and by the time we blew out candles there were quite a few finger pokes. It was a banana cake with cream cheese frosting, so yummy!
We went to the zoo and he must have grown since the last time because it seemed like for the first time he could actually see the animals.
He also got to go on a few motorcycle rides with his dad (he LOVES motorcycles.) 
We made sure to visit our friends, the Jensens so he could see Kayden (aka- fight, hug, chase, bite, hug, laugh, jump on the trampoline....we miss that sweet, forgiving boy!) The Jensens got him a Ninja Turtle shirt (that he literally wears every day) some cars, and they hooked me up with a hand-me-down race track that William plays with ALL the time.  
After visiting them, we played outside with the McFarlenes, and their dog, S'mores- whom Wills loves.  Leah made William a puzzle that she painted just for him, it was priceless.
Again, his favorite part of the birthday was the balloons!

Here's to two years to my crazy, stubborn, strong-willed, passionate, particular, high-pain-tolerant, growlly, would-rather-to-be-naked, sweet-loving, sand-playing, innovative, joking, awesome-play-wrestling, big splashing, defending, sweetest kiss giving little boy.
I love you Mr. William,
I love watching you learn and grow and "become" every day. I am excited for the world that you are in it.  You are our wild card child and every gray hair you have given me is totally worth it. I love when you rub my arm and smile and tell me you love me, I love how you are always so concerned about your siblings and I love how you can smell treats from two blocks down- you are my kind of kid! It cracks me up that no matter who it is, as soon as you hear their bath water running, you are stripped down in seconds- yet you hate taking baths on your own.  I admire your determination to do things your own way and once you set your mind to it, you make sure it happens! You are joy and an infinite part of our family.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Master Wills.

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Ellen said...

Gosh you sure do a good job at making birthdays so special. I love the decorations and the Elmo cake. Life is Good :)

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