Wednesday, March 23, 2016

William on Saturday

Saturday morning after his bath, William came galloping down the hall earnestly pulling at his skeleton pajama pants that were stuck mid-leg. As soon as he saw me, he stopped in his tracks. He smiled his shy, sheepish smile and whispered, "bones?" He looked so hopeful, and his little toddler body looked so cute in those fitted jammies I couldn't say no. So instead I said, "Are you a keleton today!?" (because once you have a toddler you start mispronouncing everything, I swear)
 And he said "YEAH! And I 'elp dad on CAAR!"
And as soon as the velcro was tightened on his little size 7 shoes, he took off yelling, "NONNY! I 'ELP (breath) DAD!"
So. William spent up his Saturday running around our parking lot in tennis shoes, skeleton pajamas and a mickey mouse hoodie complete with ears. And his momma just watched on thinking he was the cutest two year old there ever was. Sometimes he would come back up to the balcony and stick he foot through the railing and say, "Mom! 'ELP! I faw-oe! (fall)"
When he wasn't chasing Johnny on his bike, he was mimicking his dad working on the car. 
When John would sigh, William would sigh.
When John would squat or crouch, William would squat or crouch,
When John grabbed a tool to tighten a bolt, William grabbed a tool and started pounding the car.
I love that he loves his dad.
(Because I kinda do too!) :)

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