Thursday, April 14, 2016


Friday I woke up, cleaned my  house, did a load of laundry, read some books to my kids, threw away some leftovers, got in the shower, blow dried my hair, went out to eat with my family, met up with some friends at the park, gave Matthew a bath, then....
I graduated from college.
I feel so humbled and grateful to finally have finished.  
Caity and I walked to commencement together. On the way there she was trying to figure out what graduation was. I knelt down and told her I wanted her to remember today and remember that education was important to her mom and that it is worth every sacrifice to obtain as much education as possible. Then I basically held back tears the rest of the walk to the BYUI Center, because I believe that with my whole heart, and being able to show her that meant more to me than anything.
Getting my degree has changed nothing for me physically, but the journey there has changed everything for me spiritually. I have learned so much from classes, good books, and most of all: the Holy Ghost. I view the world differently and my place in it. I will always be indebted to God for allowing this opportunity to be in my life at this time.
I got my degree in University Studies, which meant I had a minor in Marriage and Family Studies: Clinical Emphasis, a minor in English, and a cluster in Child Development. 
Well hello, dream degree for this girl! 
I have a few plans from here, that I am pretty excited about- we shall see where God leads my feet!

I got to walk with John's sister, Shaylee and her husband, Kevin. That was fun. I just love them. Shaylee and I have always been close and it was such an honor to share this moment with her and Kevin. They finished school both full time, on campus, with little baby Eden in tow. I was so proud of them!

I also got to walk with my "little" brother! I'm so glad he waited to graduate until after his internship so he could walk with me, it made it all the more fun. He is the same age difference as Caity and Johnny. I am glad I got to share this memory with him. 

We were both so excited!
Here we are with our parents! 

Now, to save the best for last: John. Holy Toledo, I couldn't have done it with out him. Gosh, what an understatement! Someone sent me a quote that said, "She believed she could, so she did." Great quote, but my story went more like, "HE believed I could, so I did." I think about all the sacrifices he made for us to get here, I think about all the words of encouragement and the bribery and swift kicks to my pants. From day one he believed in me and he continued to when I felt couldn't go a step further. He listened to me drone on about all the "fascinating" things I was learning, and said the "Uh-huh"s at all the right times despite watching best of MJ youtube clips simultaneously. We were always in it together, and what an amazing best friend he is!
What would I do without him??
We (finally) did it!

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Ellen said...

Oh this makes me SO happy! I am so impressed with you and proud of you and John! What an accomplishment! Congrats! Now onto the next adventure, right?! Life is good :)

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