Monday, May 9, 2016

Family Four Wheeling

Saturday morning found John driving to Utah to take his mom out for Mother's Day brunch. Saturday afternoon found our family out off roading through some pretty spectacular trails.

Matthew as extremely happy the entire time. I'm talking laughing with his mouth open to it's full extent and intermittently yelling "DADADADA"
William was on and off napping the whole time, haha. I just love how dirty his face is! He is our boy that loves all things motorized. Whenever we pull up in our parking lot, he bounds from the car and sits on top of our four wheeler and growls to make engine noises while he leans side to side.

I loved when he switched over to my four-wheeler.  When I looked down at his hands, I had to double take- his fingers looked so long and bony and I saw knuckles instead of dimples and I guess I was just shocked and a little heart broken that he is growing up. 

I love that John plans these kind of adventures. Too often lately my ideal day is spent at home cuddling and watching Pixar movies. Very grateful for this guy who reminds me how nice it is to get out and DO stuff. 

There was a couple times where John took the less beaten path and my scaredy cat self stayed on the safer (more boring) route. Caity said, "Wow mom, I think I like dad's driving more." Her and Johnny kept cracking up every time I got scared or nervous. "You are just really funny when your freaked out mom!" Johnny: "Yeah, you're killing me smalls."

We found some pretty deep puddles and enjoyed driving through them for about thirty minutes.  John also taught the older two how to drive the four wheelers- nope, didn't freak me out at all...except it did.
We've gone camping a few times where we were riding and it was fun reminiscing, it had been a few years!

So, I think I have mentioned before that at Christmas we learn about how other countries celebrate the holiday and Christ's birth. I think I also mentioned how fascinated my family (particularly my husband) is with Sinterklaas and his assistant Black Pete (particularly Black Pete.)  Black Pete is the villian of every bed time story and the punch line to every joke and seriously, every aspect of John's life, he has re-written to include Black Pete. Like, we found this empty cabin and everyone starts saying "IT'S BLACK PETE'S HOUSE!" and so on. So it cracked me up when William ran up from exploring with Caity and Johnny and exclaimed in wide eyes, "Black-uh Pete-uh gotta ME!" 
I said, "Who?"
He said, "PETE!"
Good grief. So it continues.

Matthew remained content sucking rocks.

We're hardcore and stuff.

These three were so cute together! 
On the way home, I pulled one four wheeler home while driving behind John riding the other.  The sunset was beautiful and I loved just watching him take it all in. At one point I thought, "Wow this is gorgeous" and before I got a chance to honk at John and get his attention, he gestured with his hands at the view. We get each other. (Sometimes- hahaha)
Grateful for these kids...they are pretty spectacular. And grateful for an awesome Saturday!

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Ellen said...

Looks like lots of fun! Love the pictures of you and John! What a beautiful day! Life is good :)

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