Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Night

Today was spent purging the kids' toys and clothes. I filled some boxes and though I don't quite have it in me to get rid of them all together....the kids' bedrooms have been significantly simplified. Go me! It was an all day affair. By the time I was done it was baths for the boys (since they looked homeless) and a shower for their mom (because she smelled homeless.) 
Something about a clean house, clean kids and clean me that makes my soul feel all happy and light.
NOT to mention, it rained all day today- I love that rain, I tell you.
While John was out studying for the BAR, we made the most of our friday night.
Johnny practiced flying.
"What Mom!? I'm so fast I'm blurry like Dash? I knew I was fast, but I didn't know I was blurry fast!"

Squaking and laughing. Put in his bed to keep away from Caity's crayons.

I told my kids my art wall needed some updating, so caity set up shop and got her creative juices flowing.

Meanwhile in his bedroom, Wills was found playing Hulk vs. Dinosaur and then "No...I the big dinosaur, Hulk my friend, I eat you!" 

A good friday night.

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