Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hail Storm

The first hail storm I can remember was when John and I were newlyweds visiting Rexburg looking for housing.  We pulled up to a taco truck that October day and hail started pelting us and we laughed and talked about how great it was to experience it together, because that's what you do when your newlyweds every thing is so much more perfectly perfect you have eachother! Yay! Fun memories.
A week ago we had an insane hail storm that made our newlywed one seem like a pansy. It lasted about 25 minutes with most hail measuring comparable to quarters. Seriously- quarters! John went out to see if there was anyone who needed a ride and he came home, took off his heavy coat and we saw pelt marks all over his back! It was insane. 
The kids thought it was the coolest thing. I knew it would be a memory they would hold on to for a long time- like literally hold on to it- I opened my freezer the next morning and found it loaded with hail pellets! Haha. Funny kids.

And yes, our power went out for about five hours!

I don't know if this being a highlight shows how boring my life is, but hey- it is what it is.

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