Thursday, May 19, 2016

John Calhoun IV

I realized this afternoon I take for granted how nice it is to be married to someone I like so much. I know, I know- I won't try to get too mushy here. BUT for all the sappy stuff I write about the kids, it is only fair that I get to spot light John on occasion.
Life has presented me with quite the extraordinary experience.  Some days are perfectly perfect. On those days, I can't wait for John to come home so I can share the goodness of it all and we can enjoy it together.  Some days are lousy. On those days I also can't wait for John to get home. The moment he walks through the door, no matter how stressed I am I instantly have something to smile about. He just makes me feel happy when I'm with him. If I'm the one that is out conquering the world, I get excited the moment I realize I get to go home and see him again.
Really- he is the highlight of my day, every day. Not an event goes by, a book read, a thought conjured, a failure or accomplishment achieved, that my first reaction isn't- "I gotta tell John about this." And whether or not he enjoys a play by play of my seemingly insignificant daily life- I will never know because he always makes me feel like it is important to him. I want to be more like that.  Maybe after a few more years of this marriage thing more him will rob off on me. I feel so blessed.
And I'll end it there even though I could go on forever and if you know John you already know that.
But I mostly wanted to write down that little reflection and to publicly thank John for not only being the highlight of my every day but of my life period. He's made this life so much brighter for me. I'm lucky to have him.

It also helps that he just brought me a mango gelati.
I'm tellin' ya'- he's a keeper!

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