Friday, May 20, 2016

Just stuff

  1. The way Johnny talks cracks me up. He is just funny. He picks up on social cues really quickly and his vocabulary and the way he talks just isn't what I expect from a five year old, so it cracks me up.  He kind of reminds me of the kids on the movie, Sandlot.  He has impeccable timing.  He also has a wild imagination. He can transform reality very quickly to meet his needs. Sometimes he takes his imagination to seriously:
    • Me: Johnny get your coat on, it's raining. Johnny: Mom, sharkboy loves the cold. Besides, the water is good for me, unless I get angry- then, BAM- I'll rip everything up with me teeth. Wearing a coat gets me angry- you can put two and two together. (He walks away smugly.)
    • I love our conversation topics. Johnny: Man, mom. I can't wait until I'm sixty, it's going to be awesome.  Me: But when your sixty you might not run so fast. Johnny: (without missing a beat:) That's fine. I'll just fly. 
  2. Johnny also is so friendly. At the park I can always find him by looking for a cluster of kids. Every day it is different kids and every day, Johnny is in the middle of it all, and every day when it ends he hollers, "Bye friend! Let's hang out again next time!"  He says "Hi" to every one we pass at the store, on the street, at church. He loves when people say "Hi" back.  
  3. We are six people living in 850 square feet. It is enough room to fit us and yet it doesn't feel like enough room for us to live- I know I sound whiney here- but I am learning the more time outside at the park and about the time, the happier we are. We seriously spend at least 3 hours at the park every day.
  4. William and I have the perfect Oreo strategy: he eats the frosting and brings me the cookie...which dip in milk.
  5. I am slowly getting adjusted to life post-school. On one end, I feel like I have more time, on the other I feel like I have a significantly less amount. Yeah, I don't know how that works but one day at a time and we are slowly starting to average out. 
  6. Caity was late for school today because despite her mother telling her to get ready like a million times, her book was just TOO good to put down. I thought it was too cute to get annoyed, besides only ONE WEEK LEFT! 
  7. Matthew likes playing catch and it is so cute. Him, William and I will sit on the floor and play together and as soon as he throws the ball he looks at William like, "Did you see that!?" and When William (who is the most tender big brother) says in a baby voice, "Good job, Machoo!" Matthew starts laughing and scooting.

The other day, all of us sat on the porch to wave "Good bye" to Dad.

We went to the park after scouts. John was at work studying for his test.

She is such a cute sister!

Hard to see, but William and Johnny felt SO cool because they were sitting on the outside of the bridge bars. I know, that is probably dangerous- but that ain't no thang compared to some of the things I've witnessed them do on our Family outings. So, it's all relative.

We got frisbees and William and I played with his for about thirty minutes. It was so fun and we laughed over and over again.

Sidewalk chalk is an activity I love. 

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