Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our Spot

A couple of weekends ago we were feeling ancy to get out and about. So we went to one of our favorite fishing spots in the Rexburg area. We haven't been since we moved back, I forgot how beautiful it was! The kids had a lot of fun exploring and I loved getting some fresh air!

To get to the spot we have to cross a railroad bridge and it basically freaks me out because the whole time John is like, "What would you do if a train were to come now?" And I'm like "WHAT?? Trains still USE this? Why the heck are we still on here?" But I don't want to be the chicken and the kids are already laughing at me, so I figure- hey, why not risk out lives today? It seems to be our family's "thing."

As with any experience near water, the search for rocks and sticks was underway.

It was such a fun little outing. It wasn't a big deal, yet it was what got us all through the next week, for sure. I love living close to wide open spaces!

In other news, Caity FINALLY saved up enough money to buy a new bike. She was stoked. John took the older three on a bike ride, and about ten minutes later I got this picture:

Johnny thought they were so sneaky because they got to go to Old McDonalds! (He had been asking all week with negative response from his mom.) Dad's are fun. (And mom's are funny! Am I right?)

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Ellen said...

Oh I like this post! Dads do seem to be the fun ones. Moms are both funny and mean (or at least I am)! Ha! Life is Good :)

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