Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Riding Island Park

Yesterday we took our quads up to the Hellmann's cabin in Island Park and spent the day barbequing, riding, and enjoying time with friends. John and I may have humored getting a job there so we could just live in a cabin and basically have the best life ever.
It was a perfect weather kind of day and Matthew was most happy in his pack and play watching the four-wheelers come and go. He would hoist himself up, holler "DADADADA," plop himself down, crawl around his play pen, and do it all over again. If he got bored he would throw his toys out until someone turned around and he would cheese his best big-cheek smile at them so they would stay and play a while.
The older kids played all sorts of role play games that involved off and on: mermaids, genies, mamas, daddys, darlings, and magic trolls.
Zandy: Please! Help me, Genie! I'm a mermaid and I want more than anything to be human again!
Johnny: OK, you know what I have to do to get you back to human, right? (leaning against the rail like he's James Dean or something)
Zandy: What? Anything!
Johnny: I have to lean really close to your face like this, tilt my head (this is where I am about to intervene but...) and call on my magical powers to bring you what you need! What is your wish?
Zandy: Just legs, please, I just want legs again!
Johnny: Poof! Your wish is my mammon!
Zandy gets up to dance and walk.
Johnny: Wiat, hold it right there! You asked for legs, not feet...you still can't walk. HAHAHAHA.
(Oh...he's THAT kind of genie.)
They spent the afternoon making a pretty hard core teepee. Caitlin and Caity orchestrated it while their little servant siblings set to work. It was fun watching them trapse through the forest in search of branches to make their home.
William was TERRIFIED that bugs were in his shoes the entire day. He would just erupt in screams and kick and cry and frantically try to take off his shoes. And when I would pick him up he would hug me so tight and maybe it isn't the worst thing in the world that he is afraid of bugs after all.
My favorite part was going on a ride with John- it was a lot of fun and we found some great potential camping sites.
All in all a great day.

The beginning of the TeePee

Johnny and Zandy collecting branches.

Finished product (with padded chairs and all!)

Look at my puddin'  out there muddin'! (see what I did there? That was a rhyme.) 

I don't kow what I was thinking, but I wore nice shoes, I worked so hard to not have them get muddy and what do you know they got muddy as we were leaving island part...from the van. hahaha.

Curtis (wish I could have gotten a picture of Cari!) So nice of them to invite us to their family cabin!

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