Monday, May 16, 2016

Sheep Falls in May

This weekend we took some friends to one of our favorite places: Sheep Falls.  We hadn't been since moving baaaah-ck (get it, sheep falls- baaaah? Oh, I am just somethin' else with this witty humor of mine.)
The weather was pretty and it felt so serene to be out in the middle of nowhere.  I love that when you hike in, you are at the top of the waterfall.  There are a lot of big boulders for kids to climb on and explore and (-now this is important if your kids are my kids-) lots of rocks and sticks to throw in the river.
Similar to every time we do something like this, you can find my kids playing dangerously close to a cliff's edge and me frantically being all chill and collected like, "GET AWAY FROM THE LEDGE! DO YOU WANNA DIE!?" and John's over there acting death ain't no thing, like, "C'mon, they're like 6 feet from the ledge." Which is true...but knowing they may have inherited my coordination? Those kiddos were one stumble from mortal destruction- I swear. So I'm basically the live-in kill joy in our family. They still love me though.

All in all: a great little trip.
It was a fantastic weekend full of spring rain storms, side-walk chalk, chiseling out the taco soup that spilled in my freezer a week ago, working on the motorcycle, bonfires, barbeques, and going to church.
But alas, it is now Monday. Back to the grind!

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