Monday, June 6, 2016

Bath Time

They are going to love me for posting this someday.

(Matthew's face!!)

I know, this post is probably entirely inappropriate, BUT I love bath time. In the summer the water literally turns a brownish color and we have to empty out the water and refill the tub. I feel like I can judge how much fun they had during the day based on how dirty they are! They get to scrub their tan arms and their white back-sides and they see how much water they can get out of the bath tub "accidently." They play with motorcycles and slide their little bums back and forth on the bottom of slippery bath tub. Their favorite part is when I wash their feet, because I kind of massage the soap into their foot. I'll do the first foot, drop it in the water, then they'll raise their second foot and afterwards, I'll plop it in the water, then suddenly Johnny has a third foot, then a fourth...until I'm like "What the heck!? Are you an octopus!?" And he thinks he is the funniest person ever and he can't stop laughing.
When all is said and done and their shivering little bodies are wrapped in towels and they smell like lavendar baby shampoo I decide it's time to bribe them with story time so they will cuddle with me.

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