Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Every day when John gets home from work, Caity asks him: " So Dad, how's crime in the city?"  When she was talking to Brittany the other day and Brit asked if John got a summer vacation she said, "no, he doesn't have a summer vacation, there's a lot of crime in the city in the summer, you know!"

Caity is really into 100.7 my fm. She listens to the radio station while she plays legos. Whenever a certain Bruno Mars' song comes on she says, "ugh! I hate this song, it's SO dramatic! Yes you shoulda bought me flowers, shoulda held my hand, but ya didn't! Stop being so dramatic and let me be happy with my new love. Oh brother, dah-ra-ma!"  Our little critic! When I read this, it sounds like she is saying it really bratty, which isn't the case, but it very exasperated, and I guess I love her critique so much because I find the song pretty whiney myself!

When she was talking to her Aunt Becky the other day, Rebecca asked her if she was having a good day to which Caity responded, "No, today has been a bad day. Firsy, my pretzels weren't salty enough, then my friends didn't want to play until later, and I had to walk to and from school outside and now all my brothers want to go outside to play. It's exhausting being seven."  I can only imagine.

After reading Goddess Girls, Caity has had an interest in Greek Mythology. We checked out national geographic's Junior Greek Mythology book. When I was walking past her room I heard her say to herself, "Wow, these people are a mess!" She loves telling me all the stories and it is fun that she is picking up on all the irony "everyone is in love with everyone, and related to everyone and jealous of everyone and tricking everyone....what.a.mess."

The other day in family prayer, I prayed that Caity would have a better attitude, afterword she murmered, "Well, that wasn't embarrassing or anything."

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Ellen said...

Oh my that girl cracks me up; she is growing up too fast! Life is good :)

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