Friday, June 3, 2016

Meeting Dad for Lunch

Today started out very in John was out the door by 5:30 am and minutes later all the kids were up and ready to simultaneously spread terror and joy throughout my day. My body woke up in the mood for donuts and I was THIS close to going to the grocery store to grab them, it was Friday after all, I didn't even KNOW it was National Donut Day...I didn't even know that was a thing! Oh my heavens, it's like my biological holiday instinct totally kicked in knowing this was a special day I would not want to miss. Donuts love me. However, I resisted and attempted to make bread pudding instead, which ended with Matthew eating the bread and the kids eating the pudding. You win some, you lose some.
I called John around 9:00 am and said, "For real, it's 5:00 some where! We miss you!...yadda yadda, grateful for how hard you work...yadda yadda but we miss your face! blah blah, etc." We agreed that us coming to visit him for his lunch was just what the doctor ordered.
I packed up the stroller and the kids' bikes and we met John, then walked the loop around the waterfalls that Idaho Falls is named for. It was so nice enjoying the beautiful river and the warm day.

We all loved to see John and break up the day a little bit. 
When we got home, the kids and I headed for the splash park- it was a failed attempt and we survived maybe 15 minutes before we decided to just go home and have a snack.
(Yes, I carry both Matthew and William the whole way because William is just that slow at walking.Yes, they basically weigh the same.)
After our snack and ice-cream, the kids went to the grass area next to our apartment and played some hybrid of basketball and quidditch while Matthew and I looked on from the deck. 
Soon dad came home, and we all took turns throwing the balls to the top of the roof to see where they would land. John took Master Wills on motorcycle ride and I took the rest of the kids on a van ride, because who would ride a motorcycle when they could ride in a van, am I right??
Hooray for the weekend!

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