Thursday, June 9, 2016

Picnics and Water

Yesterday evening on our way to Wal Mart, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the sweetest expression on Caity's face. She radiated "contentment." For me in the driver's seat, that was the biggest pay check. It gives me hope that my effort and love for them may somehow make up for all the mistakes I make and inadequacies they have to deal with.  I love them so much and in Caity's face I saw that she felt the realoty of my love and found security in that.
Yesterday was a good day.  After our morning routine, we took our oatmeal and had a picnic at the splash park since at 9:00  AM it was 75 degrees (What??) I even got William to actually play on the big toy this time which was a huge accomplishment. We got home and showered, changed into dry clothes and walked back to park for a lunch picnic. 
(In the bath!)

We ran into some friends and the kids had a lot of fun playing hide and go seek in the big trees, we had sugh a good time....even though I spent the majority of it corraling a very eager-to-snatch-everyone's-food-Matthew while I coerced William with  spoonfuls  of peaches: "Try-it! Try-it! Try-it! Yaaaay! You did it! Now swal-low! Swal-low! Swal-low! Yaaaay!" I know- probably annoying to anyone close to me, but it is the only way I have figured out how to get him to try food, so I'm sticking with it.
We came home and put Matthew down for a nap and played together in Caity and William's room. While Caity set up her doll school and Johnny made a flying gun tower out of legoes, I read aloud, "From the Mixed up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler." After an afternoon of playing we made our way to Walmart for grocery shopping where I tried to snap a picture of Caity's sweet smile only to have her say, "Mom, this is so embarressing." What?? She's only seven, moms don't embarress seven year they? 
Thank goodness to William, who was exteremely excited for me to take his picture!
I ended the night being able to go on a bike ride with John looking at houses. It was so nice and peaceful, and the perfect end to a warm day.

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Ellen said...

Love that bath time picture! And what do you think of the book? We really enjoyed it when we read it. Life is Good :)

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