Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Monday night was good. 
We had a day full of Summer time adventures like signing up for the reading program at the library and a picnic at the park. Late afternoon was a little exhausting, but by the time John came home I gave myself a pat on the back that we made it through the day.  While the meatloaf was in the oven, William, Matthew and I played with blocks, Johnny colored "lots of really great pictures that we'll probably want to put them all on the wall." Caity was staying busy making an "I love the USA" banner in her room which she recommended I post a picture on pinterest to give other moms an idea of what to do. 
For family night we learned about repentence and being born again like Alma the Younger. We had a great discussion and it was kind of fun. Then we played hide and go seek and not to brag but I am the best hider. For dessert we had root beer floats. William about lost his mind, "SOOOOOODAAAAAA!" as he stomped from foot to foot.  He is obsessed and had been asking for root beer all day, then when I pulled out the ice cream it brought everything wonderful in his life full circle and he was the happiest the toddler in the world in that moment. John and I put the kids to bed and did a little working out, cleaning up, and then we both crashed.
Nothing spectacular, but all in all another great day.
Caity teaching Johnny how to make bat teeth and coloring a butterfly for each sibling.

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