Monday, June 13, 2016

Splash Pad

Let me tell you one of my very favorite things about my life right: we live walking distance to the splash pad!  It is has been so much fun. Because we can see it from our front door we do daily crowd control checks and head over when it doesn't resemble an ant hill.

I love going because something about playing in the water in the sunshine wears kids out so fast!

Johnny and Caity jump right in to action.  Caity seems more confident at the splash park then at a regular park for some reason, maybe because she is so water adventurous? Anyway, she always makes friends pretty quickly and it is fun to watch.  Johnny also likes pushing himself to try new things like going face first down the slide- he was pretty excited about that one!  In between slides he always comes back to his towel to lay out and it cracks me up. We have gone five times, and four of those times I find girls coming up to his towel giggling and complimenting his swimsuit, asking if he wants to chase them, or saying they like how he slides down the slide. He just lays there with his hands behind his head and in full seriousness and says, "Thanks, I am shark." They and giggle while I'm one towel over like, "Sorry girls, he's taken by his mama!"  

It has taken, and is taking William a long time to open up to the water park. He tends to walk around the play toy pulling up his shorts (see above.)  It takes a lot of work to get him even to try the baby fountains out.  The other day he actually climbed up the toy though- which was huge!  Him and I have fun karate kicking the fountains

Then there is Matthew, my cute chunky water baby! Gah, I love that boy! He loves playing at the fountain. We will also sit at the end of the slide sometimes so he can splash and try to drink the gross water. 
It is so fun living so close to the splash pad....this summer it turning out to be a good one!

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