Saturday, July 23, 2016

Early Saturday Morning

I love waking I up early on a Saturday morning. I get to watch the sun rise while the rest of my family is peacefully sleeping. The air is cool but not in a grab your jacket way, but like a large glass of fresh crisp goodness sort of way. And on mornings when I'm the only one up, I get to drink it all in. If I look east, the sky is pinks and peaches and yellows, but I am facing the purple, lavender and dusty blue of the west. The street lights are still glowing, the sprinklers are splashing the sidewalks, and the birds are chirping and squawking as they bounce on the grass.
I'm sitting here thinking a lot of good thoughts today.
First, I am loving this endless summer. Of course there are not-so-good moments every day, but even those become  blanketed in the endless warmth and shining goodness. Every morning we wake up to a world that's calling and we actually get to answer the call, because there is no where we HAVE to be and nothing we HAVE to do....there is just a blank page we get to fill up with whatever life we want to lead.
I'm making it sound like we are climbing the Teton or something exciting like that every day, but that isn't the case. Our days are chalk full of averageness. 
Of park hopping, picnics, watermelon, bike rides, the St.Anthony sandbar, Rigby Lake, summer kid movies, cashing coupons for activities from the library reading program, seeing long missed friends, chalk pictures, collecting bugs, reading books, playing Legos, wrestling, dirty footprint floors, late night talks with john, yogurt and fruit for every meal, snow cone picnics, the splash pad, merry go round rides, neighborhood kid adventures, job charts, red white and blue skittles, carrots for snack every day because the won't eat them at lunch, walking everywhere, rushing to the porch railing when we hear the rumble of dad's motorcycle, staying up late to enjoy light summer nights, but sometimes falling asleep in the couch because of long summer days, tree climbing, laughing, morning hugs, laundry helpers, and deep talks on our I spy quilts about topics ranging from what heaven is like to whether we'd want to own a pirate ship or a private plane.
Anyway, just long days that all blend together to make a rather beautiful life for this girl. 

Yesterday, the kids took a lot of pictures, and I kind of love them because it shows how I fit into a daily life I usually only see from my view point. Soooo, I'm just going to go ahead and put them up today. 

Cate says it creeps her out when I read over shoulder, I'm like....why?

I have a million pictures like this, this view seriously makes me Soooo happy.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Matthew's First Birthday

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016- my sunshine boy turned one year old! Wow. Let's just get all those cliche's out of the way and say: it has gone by so fast, so much happens in one year, I can't believe that a year ago today I hadn't even met Matthew, and I can't imagine life without him.
Nothing about the timing of Matthew's birth made logical sense, but it has been the best thing for our family.  He has upped the joy, upped the family-togetherness, upped our desire to serve God. He has just made us all around better individually and collectively and we all dote on him constantly because gosh, he's cute! 
It was so much fun celebrating our little guy!

The older kids decided he should have a rubber ducky birthday because they are typically his toys of choice (maybe because all the other ones are claimed by older siblings? haha.)

The day started with balloons. Our birthdays always start with balloons.

I made each of the kids a ducky prize bag full of little toys and treats. Prize bags are basically the best part of Birthdays.

Johnny was the one that taught Matthew how to high-five. 

Oh, Caity and Matthew just adore eachother. How many times Matthew has been subject to Caity's dress up clothing is hard to keep track of.  When I think of these two I think of Caity dancing around her room and Matthew watching her mesmerized.

William and Matthew are buddies. The play together. William is pretty protective of his brother, despite their little spats here and there.  I love when William talks baby to Matthew and plays pass with him. I also love when William tries to play horsie with Matthew...and that poor baby gets squished under his big brother!

William about lost his mind waiting ALLLLL day waiting for a piece of the cake! I was so proud of his patience and he was so excited when the time finally came.

Johnny and Matthew remind me a lot of eachother. They are both morning boys, so now that they share a room they are the first ones up playing together and laughing. As soon as Matthew wakes up he stands on his tippy toes and hollers at Johnny. They are so cute together.

Now here's waaaaay too many pictures for anyone who isn't me, haha:

oh, his laugh!!

I can just hear his loud screech as I look at this picture.

Oh, I like that Matthew Hinckley! For breakfast we had applesauce and yogurt (his favorite.) We went on a picnic to the park for lunch and played on the swings and slides for a while. It was an average day in what we did, but we all were extra attentive to Matthew and you could tell it was fun for him to be the Star for the day.
When John came home we sang Happy Birthday and blew confetti all over him, we terrified him, but WE thought it was fun anyhow! We ordered a pizza (Seriously, his favorite food.) and he beelined for the pizza box as soon as he saw it. 

For gifts, he got a quilt from my mom, a card from John's grandparents, a motorcycle part from John (seriously), and we got him a stacking toy and a book.

Man! Do we know how to party!

Then we sang again and finally had cake!

It was a great day and I am so glad we got to celebrate such a special boy. 

Dear Matthew,
Thanks for being willing to come to our crazy family. We need you! Four kids had been hard but so worth it because of YOU. You are a busy baby and excited to learn. You are content so long as you are a part of whatever is going on. I love how welcoming you are and attentive to all the people around you, especially other babies.  I love your sensitive soul- how you cry when your brothers and sister argue, or how big and concerned your eyes get when someone gets hurt. You are a brave little adventurer and are always wandering off through the big trees at the park or climbing on top of things and always are so proud of yourself for doing so. You are playful and your smile and laugh is so contagious. We love you so much and I thank God multiple times a day that I have sucha  sweet boy in my life. 
Your Mom.

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