Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Last Hurrah with the Jensens

Shaylee, Kevin and Eden are moving to Arizona for work, and although I am SO excited for them to start this new adventure, I am going to miss having them so close. We had a blast living in Rexburg together. I'll always cherish Shaylee and my hour(s) long talks in the mother's lounge in the Manwaring Center. We had so many fun adventures while they lived here and it is extremely hard to picture life not seeing but a couple times a year. 
When I married John, Shaylee was only 13. She quickly became a sister to me. Kevin is also a favorite, especially since him and John have a similar need for adventure. We have been learning the ropes (pun) of rock climbing together.  When Shaylee and Kevin came up from Utah for a doctor's visit we knew that would be a must do on our list!
We drove past Heise a couple miles to a spot Kevin previously scouted out. While John and Kevin started rappelling, we set up a tent and enjoyed watching the sun set by the river.  It was such a fun night. The kids were exploring while the babies played together while the grown-ups got to catch up. It was a fantastic evening.
The view from the top of the rock formation.

Yeah, John!! Isn't he the coolest?? (Thanks Kevin for the picture!) I guess they rappelled down the rock at the same time? How cool is that? 

Trying to get a good picture with the kids.

William thought it was so cool no one had to help Spencer on to the post. He kept saying "How you do THAT?....Whoa....How you DO that, Bencer??.....Whoa." etc.

I love this picture^

Shaylee is one fantastic Momma. That Eden is a lucky girl!

All the cousins who were present.

I loved watching these two. I feel like Spencer is most enslaved to this 2-3 year old age group. I have pictures and memories of every one of my toddlers bossing Spencer around and him sweetly complying. It has been no different with William. It cracks me up. 

Throwing sticks!

Following the leader!

The kids made a fort. It had "spectacular view" and an indoor running track.

Such a gorgeous night!!

Here are some pictures from earlier in the day waiting for John to get home:
Caity singing the crazy song, Johnny sticking his fingers up Spencer's nose, William hitting him with a windmill.! This cracks me up.

We were so excited for Eden to be here!


Ellen said...

Looks like so much fun! Life is Good :)

shaylee jensen said...

Thank for the tears. I miss y'all. Too much. We've had a blast, BUT I'm sure there are more to come!

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