Friday, July 8, 2016

A Visit to the Courtroom

One Saturday we tagged along with John as he went to his office. The kids were really excited....until they found out the secretary's candy jar was empty. 
Last time we came to visit, the officer took the kids on a tour of the jail part of the court, it was pretty intimidating and kind of sad, but neat to go and see what it looked like. 
On our way out, we checked out the court room. It took Caity .5 seconds to realize her rightful spot. In the Judge's spot. The girl has ambition. She said, "I call this court to order!" in her most professional, deep, grown up voice. 
Johnny ran up to the witness chair and said, "Let's get ready to ROCK!" (With fists pumping in the air.) When William got to the mic he said in a Minion voice: "Ba NANA!" All the while, Matthew just crawled his way around the witness chairs. We had a lot of fun.
Court is now in session! 
Judge Caity, Prosecutor Wills, Johnny as the Witness and Matthew as the US Marshall.

It does make me wonder what lies in the future for these kids!!

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