Wednesday, July 20, 2016

And it all Ended with Ice Cream Sandwiches

Today was a day that falls among a series I call "This Summer."  It was good. 
There were highs like picnics and bike rides, there were lows like teasing and sicknesses, but among the ups and do  there was a whole lot of stable sunshine to keep our souls charged and keep the good feelings steady. (Does that even make sense? I don't know...I tried)
 I feel these perfect, idyllic summer days slipping away and I'm grasping to draw them out as much as possible.

Some things of note today:

Caity announced today her new favorite color is blue, not pink, but pink is in second. That was so strange to me. Obviously I'm neutral on what I feel her favorite color should be, but the whole idea that she is growing up and trying out new things, things even as simple as color choices is crazy to me. Ugh, she'said growing so fast and ad much as I want to be sad about it, I can't help but be excited for my girl.

My kids all chose books at the book wagon today. Caity chose Judy Moody, Johnny chose a Lego book, William chose The DK guide to Frozen, Matthew chose an Eric Carle book with help from his mama. And we've been reading all day.

Today I called out to "Willy" and "Wills" twice and was corrected both times, "No, I Will-yum!" He knows what he wants, and he's not about this nickname nonsense. :)

Both Matthew and William had fevers today. I gave them each separate baths with bubbles and duckies, then cuddled with each of them and read books and it was basically the best thing ever. The only thing that seemed to help William (not Willy or Wills) break his fever and lift his spirits was walking to the park and being pushed on the swing while he shot bad guys.

Directly after an awesome underdog on the swing, Johnny thought it would cool to stand up on the swing mid rise. He fell flat on his back and got the wind knocked out of him. According to him, "nothing was broken but his feelings and basically his back."

When Johnny was getting his bike to ride home, he helped a couple of girls getting theirs. He would pick up their bikes and bow while holding the bike and say "M'lady." What a little gentleman. 

At the grocery store Matthew insists on riding in the actual cart (which works because William begs to sit in the seat part.) Well all is fine and dandy except Matthew loves throwing things out of the cart while saying, "Uh-oh."  Him and William also got in a heated argument today consisting of "nuh-uh"ing back and forth. William's face stubborn and matthew's hurt and concerned. He's so sensitive. 
While reading to William,  I started to fall asleep. He would pull my eye lids open and whisper close to my face, "sing 'let it go'?"
Caity was my little helper this evening. She cleaned and helped me make dinner and and kept feeling her brothers' foreheads checking temperatures. It was so cute.

While we were at the park, the kids saw someone that resembled their dad. But it wasn't their dad. Johnny and caity ran full speed yelling "Dad! Dad!" Needless to day, they were so embarressed.

Our school charges a fee rather than have students get their own school supplies, though I see the advantages....I feel a little cheated. I LOVE buying school supplies...soooo glue sticks, crayons, Ticonderoga pencils, scissors, notebooks and pencil boxes for everyone. It was basically nerd Christmas at our house. And it was awesome.

Caity times herself for everything and today I overheard her explaining to Johnny why 2 minutes is "vital" for tooth brushing. 

My kids and all our neighbors play Peter Pan all the time. Johnny's Hook impersonation is basically my favorite thing ever. It seems like our house is overflowing with kids these days and our otter pops stash is always depleted. I walked into our living room to find eight kids around a treasure map eating the apples and peaches I bought to make pies, haha. One of our neighbors saw me and said, "hey can you please make me some toast and eggs?" Johnny said, "oh yeah, my mom makes really good eggs just make sure you tell her no pepper." Beckham looked at me and said , "and no pepper please?" Jaxon scolded her brother, "Beckham you don't bother her for food! But if your making it, can I have some too?" Haha. I love kids.
The kids and I ended the day eating ice cream sandwiches waiting for dad to get home.
It was a good day.

"Look mom! I'm zig zagging and offroading!"

My favorite view.
(Notice caity reading the informational plaque. I love her.)

Favorite truck: check. Crayons: check. Alligator horn: check. He's ready to ride.

Coloring together. I love them like this.

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Ellen said...

Haahaahah! I love Johnny! And I love all of the essentials William has on his trike! Always great to read an update! Life is Good :)

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