Monday, July 11, 2016

Random Photos, Random Memories

So this post is comprised of little moments that seemed significant enough at the time to capture in a picture...just the sweet (to me) daily little things that accummulate, and create the life that I lead.

Right now. Caity and Johnny are assembling a store again. They put Matthew on the other side of the Legos to keep his destructive ways at bay. He sat there watching from afar with his Pterodactyl screech letting us know he wasn't happy about the situation.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, Johnny moves to the couch to sleep. One morning I found him quietly playing with his dinosaurs while everyone else was still sleeping.

John loves that the kids come to our bed first thing in the morning. Johnny usually hops on our bed and sits criss-cross-applesauce. Caity floats into the room, sits like a little lady on the bed, sighs, smiles sleepily and says "Did you have good dreams." (Other times it is a sleepy grouchy face and she says, "The boys woke me up with their loud voices.") William comes in smiling all big and says, "Moan-ing! I 'wake!" He starts jumping/wrestling/cuddling with his 11 hours of sleep-stored energy. Matthew screeches until we pull him up on the bed. He then proceeds to toddle around the bed scratching at everyone and giving kisses. These summer mornings are going to end too soon.

We've been participating in our library reading program. Fun!!

Caity's school in session.

We found an extra tote of legos in the storage unit. The kids convinced me to bring it home. William was pretty excited.

John added pegs to the back of Johnny's bike so William could ride around with him.

Motorcycle rides with Dad!

This was from John's phone. I think it was from a walk to Broulim's Grocery Store? I love Caity in the second picture trying to get Matthew to smile.

Keeping Matthew occupied while she made the biggest tower in the history of ever.

Yesterday the kids played "Letter Factory." They made families of all their favorite letters. :)

The only way to I could get William to each his lunch this day was to have him run up this incline and when he ran down to me, I would put a bite in his mouth.

On our way to the park.

Matthew learned how to climb up our barrier. He's pretty proud of that fact. He just sits up there doing his baby dance looking at us like, "Whatchya gonna do now!?"  If he ever actually gets over the barrier he hauls as fast as he can to the stairs. That boy.

One day while I was cooking dinner and I saw this from my window. These two love their daddy!

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