Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Right Now

Some day I'm going to miss this. You know... hearing the older kids in the distance slaying dragons and capturing Hook with neighborhood kids. William riding his trike, barefoot, slowly across the parking lot. Matthew eating chalk, climbing up "the barrier," and balancing on the railing watching the show below us (his brothers and sister flitting back and forth.) Intervening when I hear, "No, William! Don't throw rocks!" My 10 year old neighbor locking herself in our bathroom and is singing loudly.  Caity telling her friends to wait up for William. The way Johnny's shirt flares up as he pedals his ninja turtle bike as fast as he can. Matthew chatting with me as he wobbles up and down the patio. As I feel the Rexburg breeze, I can't help but think right now is a good moment to be in.
I heart summer 2016.

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