Friday, August 5, 2016

August isn't Fall.

This morning, we were greeted by a forty degree temperature. The evenings are getting slightly darker, slightly earlier. Yesterday we got letters in the mail about school registration. The library program has ended, the splash pad seems emptier every day because of wind, the book wagon can no longer be found at Porter Park, and lunches at the park are postponed until next June.
Summer has given me all its warning signs that it is going to tuck away for the winter and I'm keeping my grasp firm, begging it to stick around a little longer. I mean, it's only August right? August is summer. So wind- go away for minute because every time you blow I get a hankering for something pumpkin and I still haven't fully exasperated my peaches, huckleberries and watermelons yet.  Trees- hold on to 'dem leaves because as excited as we are to run through them in their autumn colors, right now we are still enjoying their shade as we watch the little birds flit among your branches. Sun- keeping shining on us and warming our skin, lighting our sidewalks past bedtime so we can ride our bikes. School, school- go away, because although your schedules and stability will be a welcome change, we aren't quite ready to give up our spontaneous play.

We have so many exciting adventures awaiting us this fall, but how does one bid a proper adieu to such a magnificent summer?  We don't. Not yet anyway. So Summer, stick around a bit longer. You've made a perfect frame when I close my eyes and picture my life right now.

On the way home from our Hiawatha trip, we crashed in a hotel and as I looked at these three I couldn't help but take a picture. How much longer are they all going to fit on a bed? 

And we can't forget sweet Matthew with his bum in the air. 

In the last two weeks, we have traveled west, east, south, and north within the Mountain West. I feel I have yet to catch up with myself!   Last Monday we packed up and headed to Boise so John could take the BAR exam and so the kids and I could visit friends and family in Idaho's westside. We got back Thursday night, and left for Utah early Saturday morning and drove home that night, though we didn't get home until 2:00 am. A day later we loaded our bikes onto the trailer and made our way up North through Montana to the Hiawatha Trail. Today John leaves for a two day motorcycle ride and I am taking my kids down to Utah for my brother's wedding (John will join me after his ride.) Crazy, crazy.  I know some people thrive in this sort of thing but it  I am exhausted after every exertion and have yet to find time to fully recuperate between outings. With that said, I kind of live for it too....hence why I always find myself in such predicaments. So wish me luck as we conquer the last few weeks of Summer freedom.

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