Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Caity's Forts

One thing Summer has allowed us to do is hone in our fort making skills. Caity has had quite a bit of fun making a personal space to color and read while indoors. Since our living space is so small, I kind of die at the mess it makes but keep repeating over and over: It's OK, they are having fun. This is life. Play is messy. It's OK. And it is OK, and this IS life...and I really like it.

I just love her!

She made a fort apartment for her and the boys. They were so excited. They made me their landlord, servant, parking attendant, neighbor, and dog. Part of me hates when they make me a dog because- a girl has to have some dignity you know, but the other part of me loves it because hello, talk about easy dialogue, I channel my Pluto and we have quite a party- because their dog isn't well behaved apparently.
The other day Caity found a bunch of unused moving boxes by our dumpster (yes they play in the trash sometimes- hello, ghetto apartment kids) she made an entire town in the backyard, including post office, library, and underground tunnel. She decorated all the boxes with construction paper and serviced anyone who needed anything in her town. 
Johnny has joined in on the action and when he made his fort the other day he sat in their and giggled and as I was walking past I heard him say, "Now THIS is a bat cave, am I right?"

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