Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of School 2016

There is a certain level of trust a mother has to have when she drops her children off to school. There's trust in the teacher, that they will love those children and educate them. There's trust in society as they send their kids out in to it, that as those children learn independence they will see their place in a bigger world.  There is trust that as a mother you have done everything to prepare that child for this moment, for the times when you are no longer by their side but you have trust that the lessons you have taught them and the countless talks have sunk into their hearts and they act their better part. You trust that they will remember who they are, the person you have guided them to become.  Then there is the trust in God.  In my mother's heart, every day, there is a prayer sent heavenward, asking God to watch over those children, and I trust that He will. When they are lonely, I trust he will comfort them, when others need a smile, I trust He will whisper to my child's heart to be the giver.  When they are learning something knew, I trust God will witness to them the truth and importance of what they are learning.  Yes, there is a lot of trust that goes into dropping my kids off at school.
It is a weird, emotional feeling the first day of school.  I'm not necessarily sad or happy, or proud, or aching...but there is a definite moment of emotion. It's like your heart breaks and swells all in one moment and you are overcome with how great life is, and how happy you are that those kids you love get to experience it.  It's just special to be a front row witness to their  life's journey.

BUT enough of my sappy thoughts. Because today isn't just about me and what's going on in my life, but about these two crazies right here:

Today, Caity started 2nd Grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Galer and we are so excited.  We went to the open house last night and just fell in love with Mrs. Galer, she had a way of making Caity feel so special and valued and that is something that settles this Mama's heart!  Caity chose out her outfit with particular care. She was the last one asleep and the first one awake this morning.  Her class has something called flexible seating which she thinks is the coolest thing ever- I feel like I should mention she always sits at a desk though, haha.  She was nervous at first when she read her class list because she felt like a lot of the kids her people she "felt awkward around." But after her first day, I think she realized it was all going to be OK. 

Johnny is in Mrs. Shupe's AM Kindergarten class.  He met Mrs. Shupe on Monday, so he was already so excited. His best friend from preschool is in his class, William, so that was also very exciting.  Mrs. Shupe is exteremly organized and she has already equipped us with a lot of tools to work on Johnny's learning and I am stoked.  I will write more about Johnny's first day in a seperate kindergarten post- but know this much: this boy was so excited and we are thrilled with his class and teacher.

We rode our bikes to school and after Caity and Johnny parked their bikes, Caity put her arm around Johnny to give him some quick big sister, who is a second grader, guidance that I couldn't over hear, though I tried! haha. She introduced him to all the faculty she remembered from last year and I couldn't help but smile and thank heaven above for that little girl!  We dropped Caity off and scurried off to Johnny's class and then I turned around and took William and Matthew home. Those two were thrilled to have the house to themselves and were running around into every room growling and laughing.  With that said, they were equally, if not more thrilled when they were reunited with Caity and Johnny. 

It is going to be a great school year.

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