Thursday, August 25, 2016

Johnny Goes to Kindergarten

I know I already touched on the kids' first day of the school year, but I feel like I need to expound a little bit with Johnny's first day of school EVER. Kindergarten is a big deal, you know.

Johnny isn't one to have any sort of social anxiety, so I wasn't too worried about the transition for him.  His teacher, Mrs. Shupe, came to visit our home the week before to prepare Johnny for what was ahead. From the moment she left until this morning, that boy has been nothing short of stars in his eyes as he counted down "how many sleeps"there were until "KINDERGARTEN!" 

Last night after I tucked the other kids in and then went and knelt by Johnny's bed, we talked for about fifteen minutes about how he was mostly excited and he wasn't sure if he would be able to fall asleep, even with the magic confetti Mrs.Shupe gave him to sprinkle under his pillow. I said I was excited for him and he said, "But you are also sad right? Cause you are going to miss me."  I responded with a "Of course." Then he looked to the ceiling, put his hand under his head and said, "Yeah, I'm going to miss you too....but at least I'll be back in the afternoon and you can make me peanut butter honey toast for lunch." Then he started nodding his head, "Yeah, peanut butter toast is going to taste good, right mom?"  I gave him one more kiss on the forhead and his right cheek (those are his favorite spots that he always points too.) Then I told my Johnny-boy I loved him and closed the door.  He grew up so fast. 

This morning was the first morning in the history of ever, I swear, that Johnny had trouble getting up. That confetti worked a little TOO well. Haha. Once he realized what day it was, he was in a mad frenzy to get ready on time and to make sure William knew that he wasn't coming to kindergarten with Johnny, but that Johnny would be back in the afternoon. 

We had german pancakes for breakfast, took a million pictures and then got on our bikes to take off to school.  He couldn't get his bike to go and he started crying. That was weird.  I tried to help him, but he just kept crying "I can't."  I realized it didn't have to do with the bike so much and I knelt down and grabbed his shoulders and said, "Johnny today is going to be AWESOME! Your teacher can't wait to see you, and you get to sit by William (his friend.)"  He took a deep breath, smiled and said, "OK, I can do this."  And off we went.  The whole ride there he was telling Caity how awesome it was going to be and how excited everyone in his class was to meet him, haha.

His brothers were as excited to see him off as Caity was to guide him around the school.

No, Matthew doesn't have hypothermia- he just ate a blue marker.

He wanted me to make sure you all knew he wasn't nervous in this picture, just super cold because his mom told him it was warm enough to wear shorts.

We walked into his classroom, where he gave a picture and an apple to his teacher. His buddy, William showed him where to hang his backpack and how to play with the blocks at his table. Because we were late (shame on me and hello, story of my life), I didn't get to helicopter loiter as much as I would have liked. So, I reluctantly headed toward the exit. I looked back at him and saw a smiling, busy boy. I walked through the door, they closed it and it's hard to explain what went through my mind in that moment.

A change occured as that door closed. There is a new element in Johnny's life that I am not really a part of. Sure it is only a few hours in the morning, but it seems to symbolize a whole lot more. He is moving on to the next stage, there will be new adventures and experiences and I get to be there walking with him through it all...but in a different way than before. For a while I was his whole world, and now there are others that comprise the world that is forming around him- how grateful I am for all those others, and how I pray that they will see in Johnny the special boy I see.  My heart broke and burst all in one swift moment and I don't know how to catergorize the feeling that surged through me tempting tears and a ball built in my throat. It wasn't nesessarily sadness, nor exactly happiness- perhaps more of a fulfillment and peace that this is life. These milestones happen and will continue to happen and I will let go a little bit because I love him and want to let him grow.  A segment of our life kind of died today and in its place is something beautiful is begining to grow that I pray I can live up to my end of that beautiful something.

There is only an hour until I pick him up. I can't wait to hear all about his first day of school!

After School

How was school today?

"I was happy and I did the monkey bars!! (hand pump) it was a little scary, but that tube thing, do you think I went down it? Yes, I did. I slipped down, like zooom, like it took two seconds to get all the way to the bottom. And I was on the swings with some pushing me, I thought, but.. no no, I didn't see anyone pushing but when my legs went in and out, guess what, Mom? The swing went back and forth. You wanna know what I wish? That there were some sings that you just sit on and they go back and forth really fast and go around if you say, "go around."  And I was like playing with that marble thing, there were lots of stick things and you put the marbles in and you can stick them together and they do really cool stuff, like you want to make and if it is an "M" it will do an "M".  I played with Really big dinosaurs, like this big, there is a shark one that's THIS big. No it's not scary. I can carry it with all my hands and all my might. See my might? Big muscles, right Mom? Only with everyone can we make it this high. Cool right? The shark is a tiny bit bigger than William. But what you wanna know what its super duper bigger than of? A plate.  Uh and like there's like the other thing, but with big marbles and you can see there and the things stick and a rolly thing with a pretty big marble like this big and if you back is really cold, and it goes on your back and do you know I trided twice? I love it.  You want to know two serious things? There are two bugs. One daddy long leg and a poisenous spider. Oh and there is little dinosaurs. Oh, and I was going up the slide and the girls said, "GIRLS ONLY" and kicked me off and I didn't tell though, because I didn't want to get them in trouble. Yeah, that was Baaaaad."

What did you learn today?

"Quiet. You have to be quiet. And love one another. Actually we didn't learn anything because everyone was new and learned first day of school stuff.  And actually William wasn't that nice, he was chasing people to make them scared, so I chased him and said WIIIIIILLLIIIIIAAAM! and he was like Ahhhhh and everyone said thank you.  My friends I don't know their names, but I know a Kaden and my other new friend uuuuuh, it's something with a "Buh" like, Brandon. Or maybe Braylee."

Sounds like a good first day in my book!

When he got out of class he ran up to us. William met him halfway and and they hugged as they rotated in a circle, Then he cusped Matthew's cheeks and said in his baby voice, "Aren't you just the cutest?? Did you miss me!?"  Then he hollered, "After-school HUG!" And pummeled me. Which made my entire exsistance.  We talked to his friend, William, who is in his class and then as we walked away, he said "Stinks to be Caity she still has the rest of the whole day going to school."

Johnny and his buddy, William Brewer.

And their shadow, William Brassell.

Here is a picture of his whole class a couple days later on red shirt friday:
Kindergarten, ready or not- Johnny is going to rock your world.

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Ellen said...

Mary! You are one heck-of-a writer! I just love the way you explain things and capture the pure, raw emotions of the moment. You are an awesome mom and I'm sure glad I can look to you as an example. Life is Good :)

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