Monday, August 8, 2016

Monkey Rock

Some of my fondest East Idaho memories have been at Monkey Rock. I remember as a sophomore in college coming often to swim, jump off the rocks and the nearby bridge, then slide down the canal drop (which is now blocked with "Danger! No Trespassing!" signs.)  I remember when John and I were dating and we went. He jumped before me and it took me soooo long to get the courage to jump that time that he was an inch for hypothermia (he swears.)  I also remember coming after we were married with Caity and jumping off the bridge together.  This spot has always been a symbol of Rexburg Summers to me.  I love driving through all the potato and wheat fields and past the many silos, catching glimpses of the Tetons with the windows rolled down so I can feel the warm summer breeze.
When we had to pick up John not far from Monkey Rock, we knew we had to at least go and say hello to one of our favorite spots, and it did not disappoint!'s a picture overload of our Saturday morning spent in Idaho water.

Johnny and Caity's face in this one!

Matthew had so much fun exploring!

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shaylee jensen said...

I feel like this post really encompasses "the brassell house". I loved every single picture. It was a trip well captured (:

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