Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That time we went to Boise...

Since John was going to be cooped up in a building for two full days taking his test, the kids and I figured we had to cover the slack and have double fun...so we tagged along with him to Boise. Oh, I miss that city! 
We stayed with my Aunt Janae and her family. 
While John took his test we:
Visited the McFarlene's, and met their newest dog and caught up and beheld how tall all the kids are getting, while pretended we still lived across the street.
Went to the Boise zoo.
Ate and Played at Chick-Fil-A.
Went swimming at Ivy Wild.
Went to Pastry Perfection for sweets.
Drove past Caity's old school and all our favorite spots.
Visited Whitney and her kids and played in her backyard and in her massive toy room.
Visited Miss Susan and showed her how big we have gotten while we played with puzzles.
Visited the Jensens and jumped on the trampoline while the sprinkler was going, then we stared and baby Lincoln a good long while.
Went back to the McFarlene's house to bid a final farewell until next time.
Spent a LOT of time hanging out with the Larsen cousins because hello- they are awesome.
When John was finally done and on cloud nine, we headed out to Marc's ranch past Payette and met some donkeys and overly friendly mosquitos. Meanwhile John and Marc schemed some plans to climb the Teton this September.
We drove home to the Larsen's that night in such happy moods, John was once again ours and that dumb test can go to....the trash can because we want to keep this blog family friendly.
We stayed up late chatting and took off the next morning so John could get to work.  If we weren't running late it would have been fun to stop by the Christiansens, but alas time wasn't on our side...next time.
We pulled in to town and John said "See you at five" because that is what time you get off work when you don't have study for an extra five hours. It was good.

At the Boise zoo. I LOVE this zoo.  We had season passes the year we lived here, so I have so many memories waddling around the zoo with the three kiddos above while I was pregnant with Matthew.

But now HE gets to enjoy the zoo too!

Nick and Katie Larsen!

I made her do this...and it is basically the best thing ever. I mean, am I right?

Here are some pictures from the Ranch. Marc's ranch is some of the prettiest country- I love going to visit.

Danielle, John and Marc.

The kids with Cynthia, we love her.

Trampoline fun at the Jensens!

Well, as always, Boise- you were good to us. We'll miss you until next time!

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