Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Hiawatha

The Hiawatha Trail.
It has been on our bucket list for a few years now. When we lived in Moscow, Idaho, we were only a couple of hours away, but the timing never seemed quite right. Now in Rexburg, we are six hours away and realized the timing was probably never going to be perfect so...BAM...we made it happen. A huge thank you goes to John especially for keeping it in our sights.  The Hiawatha trail used to be a railway that when it was no longer in use was turned into a 17-mile bike trail. I have always wondered the scenery available to train conductors, so it was kind of a cool exprience for me in that way. 

We got up bright and early so we could get there in time. I loved these two pictures of Caity and Johnny. I think it just encompasses "them" so well.

Our friend sent us his view from the beach, so we sent him ours on the road! haha, I think we are some of the only people in the world who find this wide open space beautiful. Not a beach...but still beautiful, you know?

Getting ready to start!!

And we were off! (from John's angle)

(from my angle!)

In the first tunnel. It was so cold! All of our fingers were numb by the time we got out.

There were seven tunnels along the way, this first one was 1.7 miles long!

Stopping for a picnic

There were a TON of wild flowers bordering us on both sides, it was breathtaking.

That view though!

Caity on one of the bridges.

The boys. (Matthew was sleeping in the trailer.) Johnnny got a little burnt out for a while and because we were in a time crunch, we couldn't rest too much. So John, bless his heart- pulled all the boys and Johnny's bike for a good four miles!

So I may be afraid of the dark. I totally had a more flashlights for the tunnels than anyone else on the trail (including my kids.) 

Yes, we crossed that bridge! There were quite a few like that, it was so cool!

Look at that rock! Isn't it breathtaking? We really came to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into these tunnels.  It was so cool riding through mountains.

Awkward picture of me....but for memories sake.

I love Caity's face in this one.

Matthew!! He was so chill as long as were riding. As soon as we'd stop he'd demand to get out so he could play in the dirt/eat rocks.

Such a fun experience and totally something we hope to do again!


Ellen said...

So glad you made it there! That is such a fun trail! Life is Good :)

shaylee jensen said...

This makes me so happy! So glad you were finally able to make it! And a little jealous too. Don't cross it all the way off your bucket list, cause I wanna go with y'all next time. Looks like y'all had a blast!

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