Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tonight was Like...

We have started a new night routine lately and it has surprisingly made life a little easier on me.  I typically hold a very free-spirit-we-do-what-we-want-when-we-want mentality, so I had my reservations but true to what I have been told, it has actually freed up more time, and I feel like our time right before bedtime is a better quality which happens to lead to a happier morning routine. 

Today was a bit of a crazy day. After our morning regimen, the kids rode their bikes outside while I fed Matthew. We walked to the elementary school to register and pay our fees.  On the way home we ran into my cousins, Hannah and Caroline. They walked us home and we got to spend time with them. Shortly after that, Johnny's kindergarten teacher came over for a home visit. I am so excited for Johnny to be in her class- she was so positive and patient and good with him. After a snack the kids took to their bikes and played with our neighbors. They needed to raise money for a fort they are building....so they constructed a water stand. Seriously. A water stand. I have to love their ingenuity.
Johnny would take turns riding the motor scooter and William would sit on his trike while Caity manned her shop. It was pretty cute.
Meanwhile I caught up with a friend on the phone while Matthew and I play blocks.
After that, we walked over to the Celebrate Youth Carnival at Porter Park and stayed for THREE hours. I better get the mom of the year award for that. 
We came home sweaty, tired, loaded with sugar and happy. 
We got some pretty cool sunglasses that Johnny wore until bed time:

William was in love with his tiger face.
John came home and we went and got a table for my little sister and on the way home, split a pina colada gelati.  He left for meetings and our nighttime routine began.
All the boys hopped in the bath to clean of their day of play:

I love this video, so so much.  Johnny is such a good brother.  He always makes sure everyone washes their hair and comes up with the silliest bath time songs.
Matthew didn't have it in him for a snack, so I just read him a book and he went straight to bed.
The boys refused to put pajamas on because of the heat.
We started our 10 minute clean up, which quickly became 30 minutes.
I was too tired to be creative for their evening snack so we had corndogs. Really.
And I made a peanut butter/banana smoothie.
Our bed time snack time has become one of my favorite parts of the day. There really is a special sort of bonding that occurs over eating food.   The kids empty out the last of their thoughts and I learn things about them that are sometimes completely new material. I know I will always cherish these moments.
William LOVES watching me make shakes. He always has to sit by me and watch every move I make.

As soon as a drink is done he gets the first taste and it's a "go" if he looks up and says, "Good."

Caity told me the entire plot to Edward Tullane and it was pretty captivating. I loved watching her talk! She was so animated and excited and you could tell she wanted me to love the book as much as she did. I don't know that I could ever read it and have it even compare with her retelling though.

Matthew slept the entire time.  When I read to him tonight, he laughed at every single page!

Johnny is obsessed with "Pink sauce." (Mix ketchup and Mayo.) He made it by himself for the first time tonight and my heart just melted watching him stir that sauce like a big boy. 

We we finally finished our dinner, we read our books, said our prayers, gave our hugs, and then I tucked the kids into bed; afterwhich, William decided he DID want pajamas, so we took care of that, then I tucked him in again. 
And within a minute they were all OUT.
I'm feeling pretty good right about now.

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