Friday, August 19, 2016

Two Non-Photographed Adventures

Adventure Number One: Rexburg Rapids and Night at the Park.
Monday night, we cashed in the kids' Rexburg Rapids passes they scored from completing the library program. We had a blast. My phone has a knack for spontaneously dying at the worst moments and John didn't bring his phone because he was afraid of it getting stolen (does that kind of stuff even happen in small town, Idaho??) Soooo, beneath are the only pictures we had of the outing:


BUT we had so much fun. If I had a camera you would have seen:

Matthew running to the water than running back out, giggling and watching his feet.

Caity's shivering little body timidly swaying to the music while she waited in line to go down the slide. Then her giving me a double thumbs up before my turn.

William lounging in the intertube as we went around the lazy river, looking like he owned the place with his hands behind his head smiling big.

John sitting with all the boys in the hot tub waiting for me and Caity to get done with the water slides.

Matthew's big smile when we bounced him up and down through the river.

Johnny feeling cool because he could touch three feet deep water.

All the kids eating dinner after baths in their pajamas.

The kids playing fetch with our friends' dogs at the park before, well- after bedtime.

It was a good day as we were winding down our summer. Earlier we road our bikes to the school to see our class lists and although there was some clear disappointment from a certain social seven year old who only had people in her class she felt "awkward around," I think it is going to be a good year. 

Adventure Number Two: Celebrate Youth Festival

Madison School District hosts a huge festival for the sake of children and nothing else. It is awesome. There are popsicles and inflatables and prizes and booths and games and free merry-go-round rides and a firetruck hose and well just a whole lot of fun.  All those people and lines were a lot for me to take in, but I did it, and aren't you proud of me? It was totally worth it. Again, no phone. Thanks a lot phone. BUT if I could have taken pictures, it would have been:

Johnny's run as he sprinted through the obstacle course with a huge smile on his face. (I love that he just jumps into things, he has no social anxiety whatsoever. It was actually a really hard obstacle course! I was so proud of him!)

William running through the firetruck hose water so excited with his painted on tiger face.

The kids in their "real-life" sunglasses, they looked so cool and hip.

Caity and William waving to eachother.

Matthew's smile while he dominated his Monkey Bar.

Johnny's pumped fists when he hit the paint ball target.

The kids showing each other the books they got from the Book Wagon.

Johnny dancing every time we got close to speakers.

Caity's bashful face when vendors would talk to her and she would just whisper "No thank you." 

Their pink faces when we finally got home to our relatively cool apartment.

It was so much fun and a lot of excitement for one day. It is just another example of why I am so glad we one- live in Rexburg for this short time, and two- we opted for a smaller/older apartment with a a great location close to the park. Again, a great event to top off our summer.  Thank you, Rexburg!!

Soooo, I got a couple of pictures after the fact:

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