Thursday, September 29, 2016

Miss Shupe's Pizzaria

An ongoing theme in Johnny's kindergarten this month has been pizza. His teacher has incorporated it into his learning and it has been so fun for him and the other kids. For the last school day of the month, parents were invited to a pizzaria party.
It was seriously the cutest thing ever.
Here's all the chefs with their restaurant logo.

Chef Johnny took my order. I ordered a pizza with two olives, two peppers, four pinapple and one pepperoni. His little fingers killed me!

Here he is preparing my pizzas!

I had to take a little picture of their pizza stations!
While our pizza cooked, we got to listen to the songs they have been working on.

Here are our pizzas. Johnny sat on my lap and we had ourselves a nice little cuisine. It was so fun to spend time with that cute boy. Meanwhile, Cate had quite the day at school as well, with visiting livestock and all!

Tonight starts harvest break for the kids. I am SO excited to have all my kids home!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crow Chasing and Rescuing Dad

Halfway through yesterday, Johnny turned to me and said, "Well mom. I've been pretty good so far but I think I used my good choices all up...sooo....(insert shrug.)" That's always a good warning to have!

It was really warm and we were dying walking to pick up Caity in the 70 degree weather, haha- how quickly we forget what real heat feels like!

William insisted on wearing fleece Minion pajamas aaaalll day. Well. Until he got in the bath at 3:00pm, then he switched to Batman pajamas...but still. 8 years into motherhood and I think I'm wearing thin, because I just kind of shrugged and let it happen and pretended he wasn't mine at the park (just kidding.)

Johnny ran after all these crows at the park growling with his hands waiving in the air.  Matthew growled from the stroller.  Johnny, the keeper of the grass. I love that kid.

Caity literally talked the entire way home from school. She just had so much to share and it kept going and going with no breaks!

When we got home from school, Johnny, Caity and William rode bikes while Matthew and I watched from the front door.  Matthew was very honory and hard to please and he kept yelling at me. I realized something needed to change, so I grabbed those kids threw them in the van and headed to Albertsons to pick up some sugar that was on sale.  We picked up Becca on the way, and for the first time she got to experience what shopping with four kids was like. Haha!

As we were checking out, I got a call from John saying his bike had broken down, so off to Idaho Falls we drove to save our dad in distress. I should also mention, John's car is in the shop, his phone isn't working, and mine was on the (!). It was quite a little adventure hitting up the gas station, u-turning, child coralling. It was fun in a very odd, don't-tell-John way.

On our way home we stopped by our friends' house to jump on the trampoline and talk.

We had pizza for dinner because, hello- it was kind of a crazy night.

Then, headed over to give one last fairwell to the Kellers, as they are finally getting to move to Oregon.  It was a bitter sweet goodbye and kind of surreal, and our kids had a blast running through an empty house.

We got home, put the kids to bed and enjoyed the last quiet moments of the night together talking and reading our seperate books.

An ordinary day, but a day worth remember all the same.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Best Date Ever

Last night, my sister came over and watched the kids so John and I could go on a motorcycle ride through Yellowstone. Well, we ended up not leaving until later than planned so we nixed Yellowstone and decided to just see where that motocycle took us!  
It was seriously the best. 
The weather was perfect when we left.  On both sides of the highway was the most breath taking foilage. There were feilds full of bailed hay and colored brush surrounding little creeks. The golden fall sun was out shining and we had a perfect view of the Tetons in the distance.
We started driving toward Ashton and stopped by the cutest Lavendar farm. We had so much fun exploring and talking to the owner. 
Next we drove to Funny Farm Bridge. It is the first bridge either of had ever jumped off of in Rexburg, and the first bridge we went bridge jumping together on. We climbed to the top railing and held hands, well, kind of.... I was too scared to actually sit on the top railing, so I just kind reached over while I clung to the beam I was climbing and we took in the scenery and laughed about how old and cautious we (I) have become. 
Our next stop was just past Ashton off of Henry's Fork where John proposed to me all those years ago.  It was about the same time of day as then and the setting sun cast such a beautiful light on the river and our special spot.  We hiked around trying to remember exact moments and laughed as we reminisced about various disasters and successes and what we were each thinking. It really just felt a lot like that moment.  I'll always be grateful to twenty year old Mary for saying yes to that boy!  
Our last destination was Frost Stop in Ashton for old fashion burgers, fries, and fresh rootbeer.  
We drove home home in the dark and there was something so calming and relaxing as we made our way back home, watching the Rexburg Temple glow closer and closer as I held on to John. 
We made a quick stop by the Hellmann's and while we talked I looked over at John and got a stomach full of butterflies- he is just so handsome and wonderful and more so than I could have ever imagined!  He makes me so happy and last night it kind of felt like we were newly dating/engaged/wed/etc...I don't know, we were both just so giddy and happy to be together....sometimes it seems like those stomach-doing-backflips-feelings have faded for something more serious, and though I think our relationship has a better depth than it did back then, it is nice knowing the excitement is still there when I take a moment to pay attention.
 Life is pretty amazing. There are hard things you go through together and they only seem enhance the wonderful things. I am just so happy to be married to John.  And I know it's the last thing you all want to read about, but I just wanted to remember everything about my perfect night with that guy.

We for REAL stink at selfies. The first was my favorite, and the bottom was John's so I just figured I include them both and this middle one because we seriously couldn't stop laughing and there are about 20 of us just laughing. (Yes, we took that many. We really stink at selfies.)

This is the view I remember when John was on one knee.  I was sitting on the rock he is standing on in this picture, and he was kneeling in the water. So romantic.

John looking for a rock to bring home!

And for the heck of it,let's go back to July 12, 2007... here's a picture of some pictures from when he proposed:
Awkward selfies since 2007! haha

At Frost Top in Ashton.

John- thanks for the date and thanks for reading my blog and thanks for being so easy to fall in love with in new ways every day. And also thanks for loving me when it isn't so easy, ahem...laundry day....

Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day of Fall

This afternoon I had a "moment."  It was raining outside and as the rain's pitter-patters serenaded us, I took a deep breath of significance in the ordinary moment and my heart swelled with gratitude. Johnny and Wills shared my desk chair while Johnny did his computer homework. They were laughing and looking at each other and so engrossed with each other and the reading game they didn't realize the goldfish accumulating on their naps as Matthew toddled back and forth adding to the pile. I also had a small pile of goldfish on my lap being as I was Matthew's second depot, the third being his mouth. He would fake put it toward my mouth and break away eating it and giggling, then he would point outside and say "whoooooaaa." Then he would clap and continue on his rounds. After Caity finished the last batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and taunted her brothers with dough coated monster fingers, she asked to borrow my phone to do some research on spiders. She grabbed her notebook and pen and proceeded to take notes about everything important.  As the cookies baked, our house started smelling like Halloween. I grabbed Matthew gave him a hug so I could inhale his baby smell, then I looked around at the five of us and thought, "Yes. This is a good place to be in this moment." And I tried to drink it in so I could remember the happy simplicity of my life right now. We all piled into the van to pick up our favorite Dad from work and lip synced to the Lizzy Mcguire Movie Soundtrack that OK, fine, I still have in my possesion. We picked up John and enjoyed our drive home in the rain. It was just a really good day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pillow Stacks and Grown Up Clothes

Right now I  am waiting in the car for Johnny to get done with school. William and Matthew are in the back seat having an evil laugh contest and it is cracking me up. Matthew's little cackle!

Last night when I was trying to get William to sleep he buried his head in his pillow and said "You're driving me NUTS!"

Johnny and William are on this stacking pillows kick. Everyday they pull all the pillows from the entire house (even out from under my head) stack them in the couches and enjoy their movie while sitting on their throne.

Yesterday was my last pack meeting with pack 305 cub scouts. It was bitter sweet. We had an obstacle course that involved kids dressing in grown up clothes and it was so funny. Johnny and Caity were all giggles.

It's later. I got home late and was greeted by a very hyper three year old, laying next to a very tired thirty one year old. William was just so happy sitting next to his dad. 

At activity Days, Caity ate 8...EIGHT cookies. We had a little talk about manners when got home, but it was a bit difficult on account of her inability to hold still with that much sugar coursing through her body! Apparently, just do you know, if she could be any animal it would be some enormous breed of tarantula that lives in south Africa and eats monkeys. Really.

It is raining now and I'm getting all the falls feels. You know how I love rain!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

William's 3rd Birthday

William's Birthday was perfect. It was a complete tribute to our boy, Wills.
He was very excited for his birthday and we heard non-stop for the past couple weeks all about how he was giong to have a RED birthday, an ELMO cake, and LOTS of presents, and how he was going to be THREE. 

The first thing William did when he woke up, was rush to his spot at the table and shout, "ELMO CAKE!!!!"  He was stoked. (Staying up until two in the morning was totally worth it for that reaction) After he realized that wish came true, he ran around the corner and yelled, "PRESENTS!!!"

This was him begging to open one. "Please, just one. ONLY one, Mom. I just open one now, Mom. Maybe one later, Mom. Please, mom."

Here's a few more pictures of how the table looked. I was mighty proud of how it turned out!

William's spot.

William (like all 3 year olds, I suppose) loves helium balloons.  So when I laid out his new ninja turtle shirt, I had to include a few helium balloons as a surprise. I also had to make sure there was one "Let it Go" balloon incuded among the three. He is always singing that song (though often with the wrong lyrics, haha.)

The Birthday Throne.

I always like to make little prize bags for the kids. I think it makes the morning for exciting for everyone, not just the birthday kid.  The highlights of William's prize bags were the mini motorcycles (William is OBSESSED with motorcycles), the character water bottles, and the (go figure) balloons. Everyone also got an Elmo applesauce pouch and Elmo juice box as a snack (turned breakfast) before school. 

After we dropped the big kids off at school. I asked William what he wanted to do. He said, "Go to store! No go home! Please. The store!"  He loves going to the grocery store, haha.  So we went and got "Chocolate chip milk" and a donut for breakfast, then chose out the soda for dinner and icecream for his cake.  He chose a chocolate fudge brownie mix and was so excited about it.  The toy model cars are located by the ice cream and you should have seen that boy's face when for the first time in his exsistance, when he asked for a model motorcycle, I said, "YES! Choose one!" Oh, he was excited. He chose a silver and white one like his Dad's. 

We went home and watch Ninja Turtles with our donuts and milk. Then, William gathered his balloons, motorcyles and informed me it was my job to get the quiet books my mom made so he could play with them. He sat this ^ way for the last hour and a half until we got Johnny. I should also mention he was softly singing Happy Birthday to himself the whole time, hahaha.

We picked up Johnny and came home for snack, then played at the park where William got as many underdogs as he wanted (which was enough to make my arms sore then next day, haha.) Then we walked over to Main Street to watch the Homecoming Parade. This was a lot of fun. I wish I could have video taped those boys dancing to the drum line. The boys came home with quite a bit of candy and William told me, "I like that William Birthday Parade!" Haha. That was awesome.  A whole parade just for him.

Caity had early dismissal from school, so we picked her up before we went to get Happy Meals at McDonalds (my kids eat really healthy on their birthdays, Ha!)  It was so fun. Everyone was pretty well behaved, William ate ALL his food (which never happens,) and the older kids kept singing Happy Birthday to William which he would reply in his cute, toddler voice, "Nank you!"

I asked William where he wanted to go next, and he replied, "THE ALL GIRLS HOUSE!" I feel like I have to capitalize everything because William is such a shouter, haha.  Well we headed to the Hellman's house (they have all daughters, hence my kids' name for their house) and jumped on the trampoline, played play-doh and wore this out fit the entire hour and half we were there:

I just love that boy.  (I also want to mention when we went back on Sunday, he marched back to Zandi's room and put on the same outfit again.) They played dolls and he got to be Elsa because it was his birthday and that made him the happiest three year old in the world.

Then, John met up with us, and took Willie on a motorcycle ride. We went home and voted on cake for dinner since everyone was pretty tired. 

We sang William "Happy Birthday" and he was seriously so cute. He couldn't stop smiling, he was in heaven having the spot light.

When we went around the table to say what we liked about William,  he had the funniest face expression- like flattered and embarressed all in one?  He would just listen intently at whoever was talking and he would nod or laugh at all the right parts, it was so sweet to watch.

His presents were a success.  His favorites were this ninja turtle (from Papa and Mamaw Brassell) and the race car that drove on its own when you pushed a button. He also recieved a minion tin box and a superhero matching game.  He also got homemade"APPLESAUCE!!!" and tools and a quiet book page from my mom, and a book that we read over and over again from his Great Grandparents. He was spoiled, and he knew it.  
When he went to bed that night I kneeled down and he smiled SO big. I said, "I like your smile." 
He said, "Nank you." 
I said, "It makes me soooo happy." 
He said, "You make me so happy!" 
Then he asked me to sing him Happy Birthday one more time. Then he asked me to open one of his treats, which remained uneaten because he fell asleep almost immediately....which I took as an invitiation to creep on him a few times throughout the evening and kiss his little cheeks and whisper how happy I was that he was born a few times in his little ears.  

He woke up Saturday Morning with a very grumpy face, holding his toys, and declared "Today is still my birthday." 
Yes, it was a good day we just didn't want to end.

Oh William, I AM so happy you were born! 
You are our "Old Man Wills", Willy-boy, Master William, Wills, William Bradley, WB. You are a faithful little brother and a fearless older brother.  You are justice among your siblings, even if it involves fists and lands you with your nose against the walls. You have the cutest voice that reminds us of minions. You are exact and the only child I trust with small pieces because you always are so particular and make sure nothing is lost, but put away.  Your smiles make everyone melt.  Your brown eyes express so much, whether is stubborn resolution or playful mischief. You love looking at pictures of yourself and pictures of people you know. You like being my buddy. You are sensitive and are reverant when you feel the spirit.   You like motorcycles, dinosaurs, HULK, anything sugar, swings, running fast, swimming and crashing things.  You are my little guy, and I just love you so, so much. 
Happy Birthday, 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Today was a perfect Fall day. It was rainy and overcast in the morning, which made for great cuddling and baking applesauce muffins weather.  By noon it cleared to a sunny, breezy afternoon, which was perfect for walks, parks and soccer practice. 

When William made his lego gun this morning, he asked me to tape it together so it wouldn't break. If any of you are in search of a quality lego gun, William is your man.  He insisted on wearing his "Beebo" (Minion) pajama bottoms when we walked to get Caity from school, and insisted on running though the sage brush by the sidewalk the whole way. 

Johnny had a tough day at school and started crying on the way home from school because someone was throwing an apple at him and calling him, "Fred" during recess and pushing him around. It was pretty traumatizing for him, but nothing five underdogs and three applesauce muffins couldn't fix.  Today he got really into his homework and spent the whole afternoon working on it with me.

Caity came home from school in the best mood. She ran up and hugged everyone (but William twice because he was twice as excited to see her.)  She told me all about her day and how she got a bonus point for having the cleanest supply box. She would race William home to keep him happy and going. She felt extra special because she had soccer practice today, and extra happy when she found out we were having meatloaf for dinner.

Matthew kept trying to runaway to the park today. I would turn around and before I knew it, he was already down stairs running through the parking lot.  He giggles while I run to catch him, but as soon as he is in my arms all the the fun and games end and the firsts come out and he starts swinging saying, "Nuh!"  He rode a big kid swing today, the swing maybe moved three inches and the whole time he looked down and whispered, "Whooooooa."

On the way home from Johnny's school we stopped at Park St. Park and played on the slide and swings. It was so much fun and Matthew particularly enjoyed the slide.

It was Mis-Match day at the kids' school today:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dress Like a Teacher Day

OK, I'm just going for it.
I am soooo behind and it has kept me from blogging, but I'm just going to write and see where that gets me.
Sooo, there's a couple things you need to know about today.

First, William snuck Caity's lunch from the fridge, hid under his bed and ate all the good stuff without any of us knowing. I for real, thought I had early onset alzhiemers trying to find Caity's lunch today. She kept looking at me like I was crazy, and I kept opening the fridge saying, "I swear I...."

Second, Matthew is Mr. Sass. He keeps trying to go down the deck stairs and he will just glare at you the whole time saying "No!" (Pronounced, "Nuh!") all like, "Don't even try to stop me mom." It is the funniest thing, I think he is imitating a certain older sibling...

Third, today I didn't stop going from wake up until nine o clock in the evening it. was. hectic. But in kind of a good way. My favorite part was volunteering in Johnny's class. I kind of like kids and it was kind of fun.  It was also so cute to see that boy in a classroom setting. (see pictures from his teacher at the bottom of this post.)

Fourth, This week is Spirit week at the kids' school. It is homecoming for the high school on Friday so the whole town gets involved. Every day has a dress up theme. Yesterday was pajama day (best day ever. seriously.) And today was dress like a teacher day. The kids were so cute trying to figure out good outfits. Johnny wanted to be his principal and Caity wanted to be Mrs. Galer. Caity requested a loose braid, and Johnny wanted parted hair like Mr. Williams.  They were so cute and excited.

Caity's teacher name tag! Ugh, I just love her.  (You can see how excited she is by her fists when I took the picture.)  

Johnny and his teacher, Mrs. Shupe (who is dressed up like a kid in "the coolest ninja turtle shirt for grown ups you should get one, Mom.")  His teacher said he walked into class, pointed his finger and said,  "Now listen here! I'm the principal! In your seats! Listen here!"  It cracked me up and it cracked Johnny up retelling it to me when he got home, haha.  He said Mr. Williams walked up to him and said, "Oh, hello Principal Williams, WAIT! I'M Principal Williams!" And then Johnny apparently pointed his fingers at his principal and said, "GOTCHYA!" And they both laughed, "so hard we thought we would break our ankles."  I'm sorry I missed that, I don't know that I ever have laughed that hard.

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