Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Today was a perfect Fall day. It was rainy and overcast in the morning, which made for great cuddling and baking applesauce muffins weather.  By noon it cleared to a sunny, breezy afternoon, which was perfect for walks, parks and soccer practice. 

When William made his lego gun this morning, he asked me to tape it together so it wouldn't break. If any of you are in search of a quality lego gun, William is your man.  He insisted on wearing his "Beebo" (Minion) pajama bottoms when we walked to get Caity from school, and insisted on running though the sage brush by the sidewalk the whole way. 

Johnny had a tough day at school and started crying on the way home from school because someone was throwing an apple at him and calling him, "Fred" during recess and pushing him around. It was pretty traumatizing for him, but nothing five underdogs and three applesauce muffins couldn't fix.  Today he got really into his homework and spent the whole afternoon working on it with me.

Caity came home from school in the best mood. She ran up and hugged everyone (but William twice because he was twice as excited to see her.)  She told me all about her day and how she got a bonus point for having the cleanest supply box. She would race William home to keep him happy and going. She felt extra special because she had soccer practice today, and extra happy when she found out we were having meatloaf for dinner.

Matthew kept trying to runaway to the park today. I would turn around and before I knew it, he was already down stairs running through the parking lot.  He giggles while I run to catch him, but as soon as he is in my arms all the the fun and games end and the firsts come out and he starts swinging saying, "Nuh!"  He rode a big kid swing today, the swing maybe moved three inches and the whole time he looked down and whispered, "Whooooooa."

On the way home from Johnny's school we stopped at Park St. Park and played on the slide and swings. It was so much fun and Matthew particularly enjoyed the slide.

It was Mis-Match day at the kids' school today:

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Ellen said...

Man, I'm impressed Matthew tried a big kid swing! I have been thinking Calvin's too small to put on one, but I reckon I should try it next time. I love that Caity gave William two hugs because he was twice as excited! Ha! Life is Good :)

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