Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Best Date Ever

Last night, my sister came over and watched the kids so John and I could go on a motorcycle ride through Yellowstone. Well, we ended up not leaving until later than planned so we nixed Yellowstone and decided to just see where that motocycle took us!  
It was seriously the best. 
The weather was perfect when we left.  On both sides of the highway was the most breath taking foilage. There were feilds full of bailed hay and colored brush surrounding little creeks. The golden fall sun was out shining and we had a perfect view of the Tetons in the distance.
We started driving toward Ashton and stopped by the cutest Lavendar farm. We had so much fun exploring and talking to the owner. 
Next we drove to Funny Farm Bridge. It is the first bridge either of had ever jumped off of in Rexburg, and the first bridge we went bridge jumping together on. We climbed to the top railing and held hands, well, kind of.... I was too scared to actually sit on the top railing, so I just kind reached over while I clung to the beam I was climbing and we took in the scenery and laughed about how old and cautious we (I) have become. 
Our next stop was just past Ashton off of Henry's Fork where John proposed to me all those years ago.  It was about the same time of day as then and the setting sun cast such a beautiful light on the river and our special spot.  We hiked around trying to remember exact moments and laughed as we reminisced about various disasters and successes and what we were each thinking. It really just felt a lot like that moment.  I'll always be grateful to twenty year old Mary for saying yes to that boy!  
Our last destination was Frost Stop in Ashton for old fashion burgers, fries, and fresh rootbeer.  
We drove home home in the dark and there was something so calming and relaxing as we made our way back home, watching the Rexburg Temple glow closer and closer as I held on to John. 
We made a quick stop by the Hellmann's and while we talked I looked over at John and got a stomach full of butterflies- he is just so handsome and wonderful and more so than I could have ever imagined!  He makes me so happy and last night it kind of felt like we were newly dating/engaged/wed/etc...I don't know, we were both just so giddy and happy to be together....sometimes it seems like those stomach-doing-backflips-feelings have faded for something more serious, and though I think our relationship has a better depth than it did back then, it is nice knowing the excitement is still there when I take a moment to pay attention.
 Life is pretty amazing. There are hard things you go through together and they only seem enhance the wonderful things. I am just so happy to be married to John.  And I know it's the last thing you all want to read about, but I just wanted to remember everything about my perfect night with that guy.

We for REAL stink at selfies. The first was my favorite, and the bottom was John's so I just figured I include them both and this middle one because we seriously couldn't stop laughing and there are about 20 of us just laughing. (Yes, we took that many. We really stink at selfies.)

This is the view I remember when John was on one knee.  I was sitting on the rock he is standing on in this picture, and he was kneeling in the water. So romantic.

John looking for a rock to bring home!

And for the heck of it,let's go back to July 12, 2007... here's a picture of some pictures from when he proposed:
Awkward selfies since 2007! haha

At Frost Top in Ashton.

John- thanks for the date and thanks for reading my blog and thanks for being so easy to fall in love with in new ways every day. And also thanks for loving me when it isn't so easy, ahem...laundry day....

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Whitney said...

Oh I love this and I so love you guys!! You are such a good example to us! What a fun way to remind each other how much you love each other and just how lucky you are!!

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