Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crow Chasing and Rescuing Dad

Halfway through yesterday, Johnny turned to me and said, "Well mom. I've been pretty good so far but I think I used my good choices all up...sooo....(insert shrug.)" That's always a good warning to have!

It was really warm and we were dying walking to pick up Caity in the 70 degree weather, haha- how quickly we forget what real heat feels like!

William insisted on wearing fleece Minion pajamas aaaalll day. Well. Until he got in the bath at 3:00pm, then he switched to Batman pajamas...but still. 8 years into motherhood and I think I'm wearing thin, because I just kind of shrugged and let it happen and pretended he wasn't mine at the park (just kidding.)

Johnny ran after all these crows at the park growling with his hands waiving in the air.  Matthew growled from the stroller.  Johnny, the keeper of the grass. I love that kid.

Caity literally talked the entire way home from school. She just had so much to share and it kept going and going with no breaks!

When we got home from school, Johnny, Caity and William rode bikes while Matthew and I watched from the front door.  Matthew was very honory and hard to please and he kept yelling at me. I realized something needed to change, so I grabbed those kids threw them in the van and headed to Albertsons to pick up some sugar that was on sale.  We picked up Becca on the way, and for the first time she got to experience what shopping with four kids was like. Haha!

As we were checking out, I got a call from John saying his bike had broken down, so off to Idaho Falls we drove to save our dad in distress. I should also mention, John's car is in the shop, his phone isn't working, and mine was on the (!). It was quite a little adventure hitting up the gas station, u-turning, child coralling. It was fun in a very odd, don't-tell-John way.

On our way home we stopped by our friends' house to jump on the trampoline and talk.

We had pizza for dinner because, hello- it was kind of a crazy night.

Then, headed over to give one last fairwell to the Kellers, as they are finally getting to move to Oregon.  It was a bitter sweet goodbye and kind of surreal, and our kids had a blast running through an empty house.

We got home, put the kids to bed and enjoyed the last quiet moments of the night together talking and reading our seperate books.

An ordinary day, but a day worth remember all the same.

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